Commander Rentola is the quartermaster at the salarian camp on Virmire. He is under Captain Kirrahe's second-in-command in the 3rd Regiment Special Tasks Group (3rd STG). He can sell Commander Shepard what few supplies he has left.

Mass Effect Edit

Rentola seems very pessimistic and is not particularly impressed by Shepard or the SSV Normandy: "We asked for a fleet, but instead they sent... you."

Rentola always survives the assault on Saren's base and joins the other salarians on the Normandy's Cargo and Engineering deck after the battle, where he will be able to supply Shepard until the ship comes to a dock.

Even if Captain Kirrahe survives with a majority of his men, Rentola is still cautious about calling the mission an unmitigated success, saying he defers to Kirrahe's judgment. Otherwise, in the event of Kirrahe's death, Rentola reports back to Shepard that due to their heavy losses their unit will soon be disbanded.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

According to the Shadow Broker's dossier on Mordin Solus, Rentola served with Mordin in the mission to spread the modified genophage strain on Tuchanka. Rentola was lightly wounded in the operation.

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