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Conatix Industries was a company that worked on biotic implant technology, specializing in telekinesis. They were a key investor in the early BAaT program, brought in to study biotic abilities and develop implants for humans.

Originally Conatix relied on accidental element zero exposures for their studies, but soon began running out of first-generation subjects. Later, rumours circulated that Conatix may have taken a more 'pro-active' attitude to eezo exposures after that, given their surprisingly quick detection of later biotics in around 2163. This was especially odd since 'accidentals' had initially been difficult to track down.

BAaT was intended to evaluate biotics' abilities and compile a better understanding of how to train and handle them. But Conatix chose not to go through the Citadel when looking for experts to help them out, believing it would have made Earth look weak to rely on aliens. Instead they chose to discreetly hire some turian mercenaries, including Commander Vyrnnus.

Conatix folded not long after BAaT was shut down. Some smaller private firms grew out of Conatix afterwards, working in the same field.