Disambiguous This article is about the Reaper structure. For the object in the first game, see Conduit.
ME3 Harbinger Conduit
The Reapers construct a massive structure in war-torn London in 2186, designed to transport corpses and other matter from groundside directly to the Citadel relocated above Earth. Dubbed a "conduit" by the allied galactic forces, they attempt to storm it in order to reopen the arms of the Citadel for the second leg of their war strategy, only to be largely annihilated by Harbinger. Only Commander Shepard and David Anderson make it to the Citadel.

This conduit follows basic mass relay transport principles but slightly deviates in multiple aspects, starting with the physical attributes. Unlike the spaceborne systems that light up only when transmitting or receiving objects, this conduit emits a constant beam of blue light into the sky. It has no visible element zero core. It can also allow living matter to survive the trip unaided, arriving at ballistic but survivable speeds. Additionally, it appears to have multiple destination termini, as Shepard and Anderson seem to have materialized at slightly different points on the station.

In some outcomes of Shepard's ultimate decision, the conduit appears to have been remodeled or rebuilt with prevailing galactic architecture.