MEA Journal - Elaaden
A krogan contact named Jorgal Strux has asked to meet secretly at the Paradise on Elaaden.


Prerequisite: Elaaden: A New World

This mission starts automatically on the first visit to Elaaden groundside.


Visit the Paradise

Head to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconin The Paradise. A new navpoint will be added.

Locate a krogan named Jorgal Strux

Head to the navpoint to find Jorgal.

Speak to Strux

Speaking to Jorgal reveals that a krogan named Nakmor Morda has become a tyrant and intends to destroy the Nexus - among other things. Nakmor Drack trusts Morda and doesn't believe this. Jorgal tells Pathfinder Ryder to visit the krogan colony New Tuchanka for proof.

The mission completes after the conversation and the follow-up mission Parlay with the Krogan starts automatically.


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