MEA Journal - Cora Loyalty
The asari ark, the Leusinia, is still missing. Given Cora's history with asari commandos, she has spearheaded the effort to find the Leusinia and bring it home to the Nexus.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Cora Harper: Asari Ark

This loyalty mission is automatically acquired after the previous one.

Walkthrough Edit

Read e-mail from Cora Edit

Reading and acknowledge the email was required to complete the previous mission Cora Harper: Asari Ark, therefore this objective should complete automatically. Reading the email can be skipped by talking to Cora first, which will mark this goal as failed but have no other effect.

The asari ark

To: Ryder
From: Cora

Had a breakthrough on the location of the asari ark. Please, come talk to me on the Tempest ASAP.


Speak to Cora on the Tempest Edit

Speak to Cora to find out that she has tracked down the ark and has a navpoint that might be close to the ark's location. The Valay system now becomes available on the Galaxy Map.

Search the Valay system for Ark Leusinia Edit

Cora loyalty - Leusinia approach 2
Upon entering the Valay system, Suvi detects an anomaly on sensors. Scanning the anomaly reveals that Ark Leusinia is here, heavily damaged and nearly without power. Boarding the Leusinia begins the mission. Note: During loyalty missions, manual saving is disabled for the duration of the mission.

Dock with Ark Leusinia Edit

Automatically completes when the squad starts on the ark.

Reach the bridge Edit

The squad enters the Leusinia through a darkened corridor with signs of recent combat. As the squad approaches the second door, Captain Elonis Atandra is heard over comms, preparing to vent the corridor to space.

After convincing Atandra that the squad is not more invading kett, the squad is invited to the bridge. Datapads in the next area reveal details of the near-catastrophic damage to the Leusinia, and that the asari pathfinder Sarissa Theris, not Matriarch Ishara overrode her SAM's recommendation, ordering the revival of the family members of the few surviving flight crew before reviving more critical personnel.

Status Report: Leusinia
Power Distribution Efficiency - 9%
Drive Core - OFFLINE
Life Support Function - 83%

CRITICAL DAMAGE REPORT - Deck 12 - Compartments 34-38b
CRITICAL DAMAGE REPORT - Maintenance - Compartment 88
CRITICAL DAMAGE REPORT - Hull Impacts - Panels 22, 46-69, 80, 98

Leusinia: Crew Complement
Bridge Crew - 2/7
Maintenance Crew - 0/20
Security Team - 0/15
Medical Team - 0/17
Engineering Team - 0/12


Override Authorization #2443 Theris, S
Comment: Families first, SAM

Override Confirmation #2443 SAM-Leusinia Comment: Immediately, Pathfinder

Upon reaching the bridge, Ryder finds Sarissa and Captain Atandra. Captain Atandra reveals that Matriarch Ishara died attempting to negotiate with the kett, and Sarissa being next in line for succession assumed the position of Pathfinder. Ishara's death is said to have provoked Sarissa into stealing the kett navigational charts of the Scourge. In turn, the Archon has sent his top agent, The Valiant, and his Decimation hunters in pursuit of the Leusinia, and Sarissa in particular. Kett have boarded the Leusinia and are still trapped below decks.

The Leusinia's drive core is without power, so the ark can't escape from the kett pursuers via FTL. Sarissa has her commandos attempting to repower the core, but this requires fighting the kett boarders. Ryder goes to assist them while Sarissa continues working to decipher the kett nav chart so the Leusinia can escape through the Scourge.

Ride the tram to Hangar Control Edit

Activate the Tram Control to ride the tram.

Look for asari commandos in Hangar Control Edit

Following a short tram ride, Ryder emerges in a corridor leading to Hangar Control. There is a datapad on the floor.

Hangar Control: Maintenance Log
Login: Technician Saydia

HCML 0187 - Ergonomic adjustment. Installed driver update.
HCML 0188 - Ergonomic adjustment. Request filed for Ops Manager Tafena to learn about seat levers.
HCML 0249 - Captain's request: override for hangar door accesses. Override of launch permissions. Got a dozen escape pods launched today!
HCML 0268 - Launches complete. Reinstalling hangar door accesses.
HCML 0272 - Investigate repeated false alarms from hangar doors after reinstall.

Sarissa's new second-in-command Vederia Damali is down the hallway. Vederia has discovered that the kett have blocked open the hangar doors and the safeties are draining too much power trying to close the doors again for the drive core to recharge. 

Activate hangar door override Edit

Ryder must now use SAM on a nearby console to override the hangar door controls and stop the power drain.

Defend the hangar override console Edit

Interacting with the console triggers a kett attack from the catwalks above, with Ryder must stay confined to the white circle near the console until the override is completed. Fortunately, there is convenient cover.

Eliminate the remaining kett Edit

After the override is finished, defeat all remaining kett to proceed.

Speak to Vederia Edit

After combat is over some power junctions to the west explode, and Vederia runs off to investigate a maintenance panel there. Follow and talk to her. Vederia discovers that something unknown in the lower decks is also draining massive amounts of power, which caused the overload and a fire below. Vederia heads off to check on the remaining stasis pods while Ryder cuts through the Leusinia's living quarters to reach the second power drain.

Ryder receives +290 XP.

Go below decks through the living quarters Edit

You will occasionally hear from Vederia travelling through the next few areas. She's having her own problems and receives advice from Cora.

At the bottom of the darkened staircase is a small area with a datapad and a container. Ryder will also discover animal storage crates, which the kett apparently used to bring Wraiths aboard.

Evacuation Orders
Evacuation Order for LAMAZIA, PERRIN

An emergency situation is in effect aboard the ark and evacuation is now necessary.
When signaled, please go immediately to SEAT 06 in ESCAPE POD 202. If you do not report within TEN MINUTES, your seat will be reassigned.

- Emergency kit (rations, breather mask, light, personal heater, suit sealant, compass, beacon, water distillation kit)
- Omni-tool with full battery pack
- Any essential medication


Proceed through a darkened corridor. Ryder can scan a Broken Door for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

The first door on the right contains a container and a small shrine to the Matriarch.

The first door on the left in the hallway contains a room with a terminal with two entries, a data pad, a container, two Personal Lockers (#10034 and #43556) that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange each (+20 Rd icon milkyway orange total).

Re: Childcare rotation
To: Ark Leusinia: Emergency Childcare
From: Thanamis T'Jotra

Belas: I can take the twins and Mohia tonight. We're camped by the emergency lighting so Mohia will have her night-light.
Jodiri: Because the T'Kastes and Zahlie got called for evac early, there's leftover cleanup supplies and food in the red cooler. Remember, if you need diaper bags, there's sterile cleanup bags in the washroom cabinets. Break the locks if you have to.

Day ten, still going strong.


To: Ark Leusinia: All
From: Rhodera Fieris

Making the big jump soon. Leaving all my love and best wishes. Go ahead and share out my stasis locker. Can't take it, can't worry about it.

We'll find help, promise.

Rhodera x

Color Fun For All Ages!
This holographic coloring book is set to a simple image of a farm. Someone has scribbled in colors and drawn Thessian animals. Scrawls on one side read:


Plant seeds, watering can
feed them lots of hay

Mummy says we have to go on a ship agan.
Mummy says i hav to be brave
I dont want to be brave i want to be a farmar

The third room down the hall with a doorway on the right contains a room with a terminal with two entries, a container, two Personal Lockers (#11093 and #95884) and a Weapon Rack that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange each (+30 Rd icon milkyway orange total).

What's Happening
To: Ark Leusinia: All
From: Sarissa Theris

You're out of stasis because you were needed on deck early. Unfortunately, you now need to adapt to a very different scenario than was expected. To avoid rumors spreading, this is the situation:

- We are under attack by a hostile species. Diplomatic overtures were rejected and will not be repeated.
- Regrettably, our Matriarch Ishara died attempting negotiations. I have reluctantly taken on her role as Pathfinder, but cannot replace her.
- We must deviate from our intended course and attempt to lose the enemy before our rendezvous with the Nexus.

With Captain Atandra's approval, I've authorized a general evacuation order as we revive civilians. Meanwhile, commando forces and our survey ship, the Periphona, will perform necessary diversionary actions.

I will not understate the seriousness of our position. I won't underestimate your skills, either. I have faith in you.

S. Theris, Pathfinder

Re: Regrets
To: Rheia Yanakis
From: Serrin T'Lorya

For the last time, I'm not shutting up! I went to sleep dreaming of new worlds and woke to fire and screaming and people huddled in dormitories. And they won't let us back into stasis! We're supposed to just crash-land on a barren planet in some teeny escape pod, like that's going to be better?

I want what was promised, what I gave them my money and my LIFE for, and I'm not going to stop trying to get answers!


A few Wraith will ambush Ryder after the first three rooms.

The last room contains a few Chosen and has a Ration Crate than can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange and there is a large orange container for loot.

Backtracking to the fourth room, and the path forward, leads to a corridor with some Maintenance Pipes that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Descending further down the staircase and over obstacles. Note: Take care not to make contact with the fire patches on the ground. This fire hazard will quickly deplete life support and kill Ryder.

Secure Fire Control Edit

Kett are here, specifically Chosen, Wraiths, and one Destined. Defeat them.

Reactivate the fire suppression system Edit

After the battle, scan and then use the console to attempt to activate the fire suppression system. The console promptly shorts out. Scanning the Fire Suppression System awards +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Scan for a way to reroute power to the fire suppression system Edit

Scanning the Power Junction awards +10 Rd icon milkyway orange. It reveals a nearby access panel where power has been diverted someplace else. Interact with the panel to repair the system.

Reactivate the fire suppression system Edit

Use the console again. This activates the fire suppression system and Ryder may proceed.

At this point, Vederia calls Ryder and says that she's discovered the source of the second power drain. She gives Ryder the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconand heads off to meet the squad there.

Ryder receives +290 XP.

Meet Vederia Edit

Proceed through a door which was previously blocked by the fire. There is an Armor Maintenance Station that can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

At the bottom of the stairs, if Ryder continues past the stairs leading to the navpoint, Ryder will find engineer Lapiris T'Caal lab. There is a terminal here with two entries and a datapad that offer some insight into the mysterious power drain ahead. Scanning the Workshop Equipment awards +10 Rd icon milkyway orange. There is also a large container with loot.

To: Thella Ranthius
From: Giona Jeden

Comms still down, doing this the old-fashioned way. We CANNOT finish the evac with Deck 12 in that condition. That last kett barrage sheared the hull plating—no atmosphere and it's hanging by a thread. I've got a hundred people trapped on the other side and not enough suits. There's children.

Thel, I can't make that call. I won't.


- - - -

Re: Evac

Lapiris just showed up. That screwball engineer refused her evacuation seat. Says she's got an idea.

To: Ark Leusinia: Maintenance
 From: Lieutenant Kolona T'Jaxan

Headed off-ark soon to give those kett something to chase. Our gear got shit to shit in the last encounter, but old habits made me stick it all in recharge.

Do me a favor and keep it away from the civvies, would you? No sense someone coming all this way and then shooting themselves in the foot.

- Lt. K

Scratch Pad
Log in: Assistant Engineer Lapiris T'Caal

Deck 12 hull plating sheared. Atmosphere was vented. No time or personnel to weld.
100+ trapped. No suits. No time. Can't be done.
CAN BE DONE. No one else dies today.
Want to grab the kett by the throat and shake them. Keep dreaming, skinny. Should've been a huntress.
Grab. GRAB. Hold the deck plating in place. Not airtight but enough for breathers. Solved!

Proceed to the Observation Deck and speak with Vederia.

Scan the mass effect field device Edit

Vederia is here, with a device which proves to be a mass effect generator used to hold a large section of damaged hull plating in place, which kept enough air pressure for a hundred asari to escape. Now the power drain is keeping the Leusinia from going to FTL. Vederia can't shut the device down, and needs Ryder's and SAM's assistance.

Scanning the Mass Effect Field Device awards +10 Rd icon milkyway orange and reveals that disconnecting the three power cables will require one person to work on the device while another works on the power connections. Otherwise the device will "fuse", which is apparently a bad thing. Vederia will stay at the device while Ryder works on the connections, which are now marked as navpoints.

Disconnect power cables Edit

Eliminate the kett on the observation deck Edit

As you disconnect each cable, a wave of kett -- one Destined, one Anointed, and several Chosen and Wraiths -- drops in to attack. Dispatch the wave and proceed to the next cable. Kett will shoot at Vederia, but her biotic barrier seems to be invincible.

Note: The eliminate objective appears each time after a power cable is disconnected.

Disable the mass effect field device Edit

Once the final wave is defeated (+580 XP), return to the device, and deactivate it.

Disabling the device releases the section of hull plating and restores enough power to charge the FTL drive. As Vederia runs off to assist, SAM locates Matriarch Ishara's succession log, which is now accessible thanks to the restored power. The audio log reveals that Ishara died because Sarissa chose to go after the kett navigational charts rather than to rescue her Pathfinder. Cora is distraught; Ryder can either agree with Sarissa's decision or call it a screw up.

The kett interrupt the conversation by sending a dropship to the hull breach on deck twelve. Sarissa comes down from the bridge to assist, while Ryder and squadmates put on their helmets and head for the breach.

Get to Deck Twelve Edit

As Ryder proceeds to the breach, SAM informs Ryder that the mass effect field device can still be used to disrupt local gravity. 

Repel the kett attack on Deck Twelve Edit

Ryder will face three kett waves here, composed of multiple Destined, Anointed, and Chosen. The Valiant, an Ascendant, will personally join the third wave. 

Optional: Trigger mass effect field Edit

The Mass Field Controls in the middle of the balcony on the middle level (marked withMEA Optional Objective Map Icon) can be used to trigger the mass effect device. Triggering it will blow most of the kett in a wave into space (though not the Valiant), while Ryder and the squad are secured by their mag boots. The device will only work once, so saving this for the third wave will provide Ryder the ability to concentrate on the Valiant.

Note: Enemies can be tossed out of the hull breach by Throw and similar powers.

Defeating the Valiant triggers a cutscene where the wounded Valiant orders the kett ship to forget about capturing the Ark and destroy the Ark instead. At this point Sarissa finally arrives and finishes him off. The Valiant's ship now launches a barrage of missiles at the Leusinia, but Sarissa, assisted by Cora, forms a large Barrier which deflects most of the missiles and reflects others back at the Valiant's ship, which explodes as the Leusinia escapes into FTL.

Note: When then Valiant is defeated, a cutscene starts immediately. Ryder receives +1330XP (offscreen) but loses the chance to loot any slain kett. Players who care about such things should make sure to sweep Deck 12 before landing a final blow.

Decide Sarissa's Fate

Ryder, Cora, and Sarissa return to the bridge and meet up with Captain Atandra and Vederia. Ryder and Cora confront Sarissa about Matriarch Ishara's death. Sarissa wants her actions covered up, saying that a Pathfinder needs to give the people hope. Ryder can either go along with the cover up or demand that the truth be told.

If you don't go along with the cover up, Captain Atandra is furious with Sarissa and wants to transfer Pathfinder status to the next in line, who is Vederia. Ryder can either agree to this or advise that Sarissa be kept as Pathfinder.

If you both expose Sarissa's action and goes along with Atandra, Vederia replaces Sarissa as the asari pathfinder. Otherwise, Sarissa keeps the job. While Cora is not happy with a cover up, there don't seem to be any serious repercussions for her relationship with Ryder, whatever is chosen.

Aftermath Edit

Ark Leusinia will now be docked at the Nexus. Next time Ryder visits the Nexus the asari are welcomed by Tann, and they also give their thanks to Ryder for saving them.

If Ryder chooses to keep Sarissa’s actions a secret or allow her to stay on as Pathfinder, she shows up in the game's final battle. If Ryder replaces Sarissa with Vederia, Vederia shows up instead.

Rewards Edit

  • Cora Harper's Rank 6 Skills are now unlocked.
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