Cora has asked you to speak to her about a personal matter.

Acquisition Edit

If Ryder has flirted with Cora Harper on every opportunity, completed all of her relationship missions, and is not in a relationship with anyone else, Cora sends Ryder an email after the completion of The Journey to Meridian and invites Ryder to meet her.

Walkthrough Edit

Read E-mail From Cora Edit

Read the email from Cora to get a navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon.

Come see me?
To: Ryder
From: Cora


Got an urgent matter that needs personal attention. Come by next time you're on the Tempest. I'll clear your calendar.

Cora x

Speak To Cora On The Tempest Edit

Go to the navpoint on the Tempest and speak with Cora.

Cora will say that she has a report of a serious lighting issue in Ryder's quarters. Ryder can those choose to stay or go to the quarters.

Choosing to go to Ryder's quarters leads to a kiss with Cora.

After the first kiss, Ryder can choose "I want you" or "No sex. Just stay."

  • Choosing "No sex" leads to a rather sweet stargazing session.
  • Choosing "I want you" leads to a racy graphic sex scene, followed by some snuggling, and a reminder from SAM that he is always there.

Either choice ends the mission.

Aftermath Edit

Depending upon Ryder's final choice, one of two emails will arrive.

After a night of stargazing:

Thinking about you
To: Ryder
From: Cora

I've had some good nights. Walked through waist-deep dewy grass on an alien world, watching the sky for hints of dawn. Sat up all night with my sister huntresses around a campfire that burned the color of witchfire.

Last night with you is my new favorite.

Cora x

After a night of lovemaking:

Thinking of you
To: Ryder
From: Cora

Since SAM was kind enough to interrupt… just leaving a kiss here in case you need one later.

[Attachment: audio file CoraKiss.hsm]

Cora x

Rewards Edit

  • None
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