General Corinthus is a turian military commander. He is in charge of organizing the turian counterattack against the Reapers on Menae, Palaven's moon.

After Commander Shepard arrives on Menae to rescue Primarch Fedorian, Corinthus informs them that the primarch's shuttle was shot down earlier and Fedorian (a close friend) is presumed dead. After communication with the Turian Hierarchy is reestablished, Corinthus learns that general Adrien Victus is next in line for the position and tasks Shepard with retrieving him.

E-Mail: Impressive work Edit

From: General Corinthus

Commander Shepard:

When you first arrived on Menae, I had a hard time seeing how you flying off with one of our best generals would benefit our fight against the Reapers. However, as I now watch turian and krogan fighters working together to take down a Reaper destroyer, I must admit I am impressed. You've brokered an alliance that many thought impossible.

Palaven might be saved after all.

With great respect,
General Corinthus
Menae Command

Trivia Edit

  • In Greek mythology, Corinthus (Greek: Κόρινθος, Korinthos) was the founder of the city of Corinth and, according to local Corinthian tradition, a son of Zeus.
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