MEA Journal - Kadara
Saneris and Drexel have both asked you to scan murder victims in the badlands; one wants justice, the other wants profit. Search for bodies in the cesspools, scan them, and decide who you'll give the information to.

Acquisition Edit

Just north of Kadara Port on Kadara, Pathfinder Ryder can speak to the asari Saneris (marked with a MEA New Mission Map Icon). She describes how the native sulfur pools are being used as dumping grounds for bodies and asks you to scan the bodies as evidence to be used to obtain future justice. Drexel, the turian standing nearby, would rather you scan the bodies for what can be salvaged.

Walkthrough Edit

Scan five corpses Edit

When scanning the bodies, SAM stores data about their DNA and anything else that can help identification.

Take care attempting to scan the corpses. Each body is located in a sulfur pool and the sulfur pools inflict Hazard Level 4 Toxic Environment damage to Ryder and the Nomad's Life Support. If this mission is completed after Healing Kadara's Heart, the Hazard damage will be removed.

There are three bodies fairly closely clustered around the starting location of this mission.

  • Severe Burns
  • Asphyxiation
  • Ballistic Trauma

The other two bodies are far to the west. One body is northeast of the western monolith MEA Monolith Map Icon and the final body is to its west.

  • Electric Shock
  • Poisoning

Return to Saneris and Drexel with the scan data Edit

Counting bodies - saneris & drexel
Return to the small building where you started the mission. Give the data to Saneris for the sake of justice or to Drexel for a tangible reward. There are no known consequences for choosing one way or the other. The mission ends after the choice is made.

Rewards Edit

Scan data given to Saneris:

Scan data given to Drexel: