For the narcotic, see Drugs#Creeper.

The Creeper is a Remnant unit. They are the synthetic small bug equivalent of wildlife.

Creepers turn aggressive only if an enemy is within biting distance. While Pathfinder Ryder is aboard the ND1 Nomad, the creatures may swarm the vehicle but will not exhibit any hostile behavior unless provoked.

Scanner Information Edit

Creepers seem to maintain and support Remnant hardware and systems. They make rounds, likely assessing system functionality.

Capabilities Edit


Creepers only have a biting melee attack.


Creepers are unprotected by shields, armor, or barriers.

Tactics Edit

  • Creepers are more nuisance than threat and will go down quickly to the weakest weapons or skills.
  • The critters usually attack en masse, making them vulnerable to splash damage weapons or crowd control skills.
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