Crime Bosses are the people who are in charge of crime syndicates or their sections.

Helena Blake and two of her associates were in charge of a major crime syndicate in 2183. Blake requests Commander Shepard find and eliminate them.


  • Because Crime Bosses are more than happy to waste their underlings to protect themselves, they will typically be the last opponents to be faced. They will prefer to stay behind cover at the far ends of the room, and often will not exit the cover until enemies get too close.
  • Crime Bosses are equipped with assault rifles, but will switch to pistols if you overheat the former with Sabotage.
  • They have four to six bars of shielding depending on the difficulty. As such, using Overload will make this fight a lot easier. Keep in mind that shielding regenerates over time.
  • Their health will regenerate as well, which can be countered by using Chemical or Inferno Rounds, or abilities such as Neural Shock and Warp.
  • They will often use their four tech talents, so watch out for the Tech proximity mines. If you or your squadmate has Damping, make sure to use it straightaway to prevent them from using their tech talents, especially since they have their own Damping. Using Lift will also help to mitigate this threat.
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