Crooks is a Systems Alliance starship pilot who was assigned as the SSV Normandy's original pilot prior to the position being given to Jeff "Joker" Moreau.

At the time of the Normandy's test flight at Arcturus Station, Crooks was aboard the vessel preparing for the test. When Joker decided to hijack the Normandy to prove that he could pilot it effectively despite his condition, he locked Crooks in a shuttle and left him behind on the station while he carried out the test flight himself. Crooks was later found by Alliance soldiers, and informed Captain Anderson, Captain Dillard, and General Invectus that he was not the one responsible for the Normandy's hijacking. Following the incident, Crooks was replaced by Joker as the Normandy's pilot upon the insistence of Invectus, who had been deeply impressed by Joker's skills.