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Dah'tan Manufacturing, alternatively Dah'Tan Manufacturing, is a batarian corporation based on Camala which specialises in making computer components. When Dr. Shu Qian was doing work on the alien artifact discovered near the Perseus Veil, he wanted to ensure that there be no hardware compatibility problems during his research, and so he bought all his components from Dah'tan. He deliberately chose a batarian manufacturer to avoid suspicion due to the sensitive nature of his work.

Mass Effect: Revelation[]

However, using Dah'tan as a supplier means Edan Had'dah's name can be connected with Dr. Qian's facility at Sidon, so to cover his tracks, Had'dah orders Skarr to attack the Dah'tan facility and burn it to the ground. The assault is intended to kill Had'dah's contacts there, including a batarian woman called Jella, and destroy all records of his involvement. Most of Dah'tan's employees are killed in Skarr's attack, but due to a case of mistaken identity, Jella alone survives.

Mass Effect 2[]

By 2185 Dah'Tan Manufacturing has opened offices in the Sin'Kelar cluster in preparation for an expansion into the Nemean Abyss. It has spent resources on advertisements reaching as far as Omega to entice prospective jobseekers into the most untamed reaches of the galaxy.