Daleon is a small volus colony. It is notable because in around 2183, the quarian Migrant Fleet is passing through a volus-controlled system near the edge of Council Space. According to news reports some volus diplomats have launched an appeal to the Citadel Council to take action and hasten the flotilla's departure, though in the aftermath of the Battle of the Citadel the Council is guessed to have their hands full with other matters.

After Cerberus' attempt at reclaiming their biotic asset Gillian Grayson from the flotilla, Kahlee Sanders and Lemm'Shal vas Idenna intend to drop off former Cerberus agent Paul Grayson on Cuervo, the nearest Alliance colony. During the shuttle ride Grayson manages to snatch Kahlee's stunner and knocks them both out, allowing him to escape and avoid being taken into custody. Once Kahlee and Lemm come to, they instead find their shuttle docked with Daleon's spaceport. Lemm points out that Grayson could still be somewhere on the colony and suggests they go search for him, but Kahlee declines and asks that he return her to the Grissom Academy instead.

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