Darius Retainers are people that are employed by Lord Darius to do his work and protect him. They are found at Darius' headquarters on the planet Nonuel.

Lord Darius was supplied with arms to fight off batarians in the Skyllian Verge. Once the batarians were gone, the Alliance pulled their support of Darius and groups like his. However, Darius then took to pirating Element Zero from the planet on which his base is located and intimidating the colonists and miners to get it. Admiral Hackett sends Commander Shepard to negotiate with Darius before the situation gets too out of hand.

Tactics Edit

  • Darius Retainers have four to five bars of shielding; as is the case with all ME enemies, it will regenerate over time. Their health regenerates as well and they have access to the Immunity ability, as well as Shield Boost on Insanity. They will take cover quite often and flank you if given the chance to do so.
  • Most Retainers will usually start off with assault rifles, but switch to shotguns at close range. The sniper Retainers are instead equipped with sniper rifles and pistols and possess the Assassination ability. Using Sabotage will simply force Retainers to switch from their current weapon rather than leaving them completely defenceless like Geth Troopers or Snipers.
  • Krogan Retainers have more health than others, can charge you for melee damage and will be able to get back up the first time they’re killed. Equip Chemical, Incendiary and High Explosive Rounds or kill them in the air (by using Lift, Throw or Singularity) to prevent this revival and use Throw or Neural Shock to counter their charge.
  • Snipers’ Assassination is very dangerous and can kill a weakened Shepard in one shot. It will always be preceded by a targeting laser beam, during which time you can take cover and disable the sniper with Sabotage or Lift, or simply activate a defensive ability like Immunity, Barrier or Shield Boost.
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