Interior of the Dark Star Lounge

The Dark Star Lounge is a location on the Citadel. The lounge is located on the 28th level of a building in Zakera Ward's Mid-Wards District.

Attractions at the Dark Star Lounge include dancing, a wide variety of drinks, and gambling. An advertisement for this lounge can be heard on the 27th level. Its turian bartender has been serving drinks there for eight years.

In this lounge, Commander Shepard can speak to the Presidium Groundskeeper while investigating whether there are fish in the Presidium lakes. At the bar, the Commander can order a series of drinks, starting with an unnamed hard liquor toxic to dextro- species, then upgrading to batarian ale, and finishing with ryncol. Once they have all been drunk Shepard will pass out and come round in the lounge's restroom. Shepard can also dance with some of the lounge's other patrons.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Dark Star bartender in 2185
  • A dark star is a theoretical type of star that may have existed in the early universe.
  • The player can ask the turian barkeep if he's heard any news, to which he'll respond, "I serve drinks" and finishes by remarking, "I don't know why humans always ask me that." This is most likely a reference to the fact that in many fictional media and works, barkeeps are often privy to insider secrets or the like useful to the player or other characters. It could also be a reference to the human bartender on the Presidum in the first game who, when asked what he had, would reply, "Information, mostly."
  • Shepard's reaction to the unnamed drink ("This is... it's green?") may be a reference to the Star Trek episode "By Any Other Name" in which Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott (aka "Scotty") brings a drink for an alien visitor, and when asked what it is, responds "It's... uh... it's green". This line is further referenced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Relics", when Lt. Commander Data utters a similar line, this time in response to a question from Scotty.
  • The background music playing in the Dark Star Lounge named "Happiness Theme" is originally from SSX 3, a snowboarding game developed by EA Sports BIG.
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