Davin Reynolds is a human colonist living at Zhu's Hope, on Feros. He and his wife, Greta Reynolds, moved to Feros seeking adventure and a new life together.

While his wife watches the barricades for attacking geth, Davin is currently in charge of obtaining food for the colonists at Zhu's Hope. He hunts varren, but the presence of a vicious alpha male varren makes it harder for him to get to them; Commander Shepard can help by killing the alpha male.

Like the rest of the Zhu's Hope colonists, he is under the influence of the Thorian. Reynolds, like most of the other colonists, does not show any signs of being controlled by the Thorian until Commander Shepard returns to Zhu's Hope from the ExoGeni Headquarters, upon which Davin and the colonists attack Shepard's squad, in addition to the SSV Normandy. Shepard can choose to kill Reynolds and the rest of the colonists, or spare them using anti-Thorian gas grenades.

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