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Davis Qar is the brains (and voice) behind Heleus News Service. As HNS' sole operator most of the time (aside from some freelancers), he views his job as the sole bastion of freedom against tyranny, "or something."


Back in the Milky Way Davis had a couple of internships under his belt. His work at the New Star Chronicle sent him to Mars for a week.

His plan on reaching Andromeda was to be a simple reporter of news. However, he and his editor were in the thick of the action during the Nexus uprising, and the latter got killed. Acting Director Jarun Tann blamed their broadcasts as a factor for "stirring unrest", pissing off Davis and making him decide to continue operating HNS largely on his own.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[]

Davis can be found in the Operations section of the Nexus after Pathfinder Ryder's first return to the station. Because he runs a mostly solo operation undermined by constant technical glitches and resistant authorities, he hasn't been getting much sleep, though he mostly brushes it off sarcastically. He claims to have a viable source in Nexus security, though he hasn't heard from her yet.

He has a working relationship with fellow journalist Keri T'Vessa, as HNS runs her series Path of a Hero and he deems it good stuff. If she has been imprisoned by Tann, Davis cites it as a reason why press freedom is important especially in the frontier.

After gaining Ryder's attention, Davis asks for their help spreading the news to other people throughout Heleus. He wants HNS receivers planted on inhabited worlds. If Ryder initially declines, Davis can ask again if he's talked to again.

Davis can often be overheard voicing journalist problems like his own illegible writing and uncooperative scoops.