Disambiguous This article is about the enemy in Mass Effect. For the power in Mass Effect 3, see Defense Drone (power). For the skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Defense Drone (skill).

Defense Drones are drones used by the team that is deployed on Asteroid X57 for security purposes. The drones are scattered all over the asteroid, defending positions. They are armed with a Mass Accelerator Machine Gun.

During the mission to stop the batarian extremists, Shepard and the squad encounter these defense drones that have been reprogrammed by the batarians, or activated by the facility's engineers to stop the takeover of the asteroid.

Tactics Edit

  • The drones are encountered in the main facility on X57 and around the asteroid, and are similar to the Advanced Assault Drones employed by the Alliance and other governments. Because they are equipped with machine guns keep an eye on your shields. Whether facing them on foot or in the Mako, their machine guns can tear right through them. While you are in combat at the main facility, the drones keep coming, so make liberal use of cover.
  • These drones tend to fly around more than other drones that are encountered, so make sure to stay on the move. As with all flying enemies, these drones are immune to most biotic attacks.
  • There are a few drones that can be combated while you are in the Mako, so the same principle applies as with other drones. If you are going to use the Mako to attack them, then try to use the machine gun rather than the main cannon. Since it is hard to get a decent shot with the main gun, using the machine gun or getting out might be a better option.
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