Defensive Expert is a passive Combat skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Skill Ranks Edit

Vetra's gear and training improves her ability to survive hostile encounters.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Health - +25% Max Health
2 Shields - +25% Max Shields
3 Regeneration - +25% Shield Regeneration

+25% Health & Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction

4 Defensive Systems - +25% Max Shields

+30% Health Regeneration

4 Physical Training - +25% Max Health

+30% Melee Damage

5 Open-Field Training Vetra takes less damage when not in cover. Damage Resistance Bonus: 20
5 Defensive Positioning Vetra takes less damage when in cover. Damage Resistance Bonus: 20
6 Emergency Power† When Vetra is near death, Power Armor immediately recharges. Requires Power Armor. Also increases Vetra's maximum health and shields. Health Threshold: 10%

Recharge Time (s): 60
+25% Max Shields
+25% Max Health

6 Adaptive Shielding† Vetra and her nearby allies regain some shields whenever Vetra takes down an enemy. Shields Restored: 10%

Note: †Rank 6 is unavailable to Vetra until her loyalty mission Vetra Nyx: Means and Ends is completed.

Player Notes Edit

  • Notes about the skill's mechanics
  • Notes about the skill's strategies

Availability Edit

  • Single-player: Vetra Nyx - Starting Combat Skill
  • Multiplayer: N/A
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