For the human mechanic Delan in Mass Effect 2, see Delan (Mass Effect 2).
Delan, short for Delanynder, is a hanar merchant who operates the Emporium on the Citadel Presidium.

Like all hanar, Delan is extremely polite to everyone, but particularly welcoming to Commander Shepard. When asked what the Emporium sells, Delan claims it only sells the "finest and most luxurious items that credits can buy".

If asked why it refers to itself as "this one" and "it", Delan can offer insight into its people's culture, giving the Commander a better understanding of the hanar race.

Delan sells licenses for Sirta Foundation, Devlon Industries, and Serrice Council, along with a Medi-gel capacity upgrade, in addition to its normal wares.

Trivia Edit

  • Its dialogue contains a slight error the first time Commander Shepard speaks to it - it refers to its shop as "my" shop, a pronoun not normally used by the hanar.

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