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Randall lands at a distant outpost and awaits the Alliance. He is reunited with a friend thought lost, and now, forever changed.

Number of checkpoints: 1


Randall Ezno managed to steal a shuttle in order to reach a nearby desert planet, LV426. Once there, he walks in a Cerberus outpost for the pickup organized by the Systems Alliance.

LV426, the desert planet, seen from space

In this outpost, Randall is trapped by the Director. He encounters a heavily modified Inali Renata deployed by his enemy. The huskified Inali fights Randall with her assault rifle and powerful biotic attacks, such as Salvo. She can also use her tactical cloak and fast movement speed to fool with him. Randall will have to move from cover to cover and act quickly in order to stand a chance against her.

You should try to stay in cover as much as you can to avoid Inali's biotic Salvo and her gunfire. Inali will always try to flank you when using her tactical Cloak and her flying abilities, it is then recommended to move from cover to cover and take a shot while she is quiet. Keep your own Cloak when the situation become too dangerous and that you risk to be overrun by Inali. Finally, try to keep firing because she will quickly regenerate her barrier if she doesn't take damage.

Randall's final choice

Their fight culminates in Randall's victory. He will either spare Inali's life or kill her, depending on his moral inclination during the game. Either way he vows to take revenge on the Cerberus Director that experimented on his former handler and friend. Randall leaves the planet to fulfill his promise and to provide valuable intel on Cerberus activities to the Alliance.



  • The desert planet's name is a reference to a planet in the first two Alien films, LV-426, where the Xenomorphs are first encountered.
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