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Detective Anaya is an asari living and working in Nos Astra on Illium. She is employed as a detective of the Illium Law Enforcement, at a district police station.

When Commander Shepard arrives at the Illium spaceport, Detective Anaya is seen investigating the murder of Dakni Kur, Pitne For's business partner. The detective gives Shepard specifics of the murder and, after giving the Commander permission to enter the crime scene, states the possibility of Eclipse mercenaries being responsible for the crime.

Anaya also notes to Shepard that Samara is investigating the crime. However, Anaya isn't particularly happy about Samara being in her district and wishes for Samara to leave as soon as possible. Upon meeting Samara, the detective is reluctant to detain the justicar but has no choice as she was given the order by her superiors, who fear that Samara may cause a cross-species incident. Although Samara willingly submits herself to detention for a day, Anaya considers her life at risk as she may be killed for obstructing Samara's investigation.

Shepard may hand over evidence to Anaya with information about Pitne For's illegal smuggling activities in return for a reward. If Shepard came across an Eclipse initiate's audio log describing the recent murder of a volus (potentially Dakni Kur), the Commander may inform Anaya about that as well. While Anaya will unsurpringly dismiss the evidence as insufficient, Samara will swiftly speak up to vouch for it, allowing Anaya to take appropriate action.

After Samara has been recruited into the squad, Detective Anaya will send Shepard this e-mail, titled Still alive.

From: Detective Anaya

Greetings, Commander--

I'm not completely sure this will get to you, but thanks again for helping me deal with Samara. The Eclipse mercs have gotten real quiet around here, and my superiors have backed off, too. No idea if the two are related, but hopefully the next time I meet a justicar, I can give her the respect she deserves.

I still can't believe I worked a case with one of them. You're a lucky human. If I find any more data on her target, I'll pass it along.


Detective Anaya
Illium Law Enforcement