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Disambiguous This article is about Research in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For Research in Mass Effect 2, see Research.
MEA Development Terminal

Development in the Andromeda Galaxy allows Pathfinder Ryder to create new equipment or to improve existing equipment that has been unlocked by obtaining blueprints with research data.


Development (or crafting) is the second portion of creating an item whereas Research unlocks and makes available options for creating items.

The development screen can be accessed via the Research Center aboard the Tempest, Nexus, certain Forward Stations, or in established outposts on the Golden Worlds.

Development Menu[]

The Development screen is divided into five navigable tabs:

Developing Items[]

Creating an item for use begins by navigating to an item to build in the development menu. The development process for the item can then begin if the required resources are available. (If all the materials aren't available, there is an option to get information on how to obtain the missing items).

For a comprehensive table with all resource requirements: see Resources For Development

During development of an item, there is the opportunity to give the item a custom name.


Main article: Augmentations

During development, augmentations (if applicable) can be applied to the item being created. Most blueprints at Rank II or higher have augmentation slots for semi-permanent devices that can be incorporated into weapons or armor during the development process.

  • Augmentations boost stats or change an item's behavior.
  • Augmentations once applied to crafted items can't be removed. This is different compared to Mods for weapons or Fusion Mods for armor that can be changed at any time. Deconstructing an item is the only way to get back the augmentation applied to the item being created.
  • The number of augmentations allowed can be increased by one with the Innovation Science cryo pod perk.