Captain Dillard is a Systems Alliance military official who was responsible for overseeing the test flight of the SSV Normandy at Arcturus Station.

Dillard accompanied Captain David Anderson and met with Turian Hierarchy representative General Invectus as preparations were underway for the test flight. When the Normandy's crew sent a distress signal warning that the ship had been hijacked, Dillard is forced to find a way to deal with the unexpected development. After learning that the Normandy's assigned pilot, Crooks, was locked in a shuttle and thus not responsible for the hijacking, Dillard assumed that an enemy agent had taken control of the Normandy and deployed a fighter patrol to pursue and disable it. Jeff "Joker" Moreau then revealed that he was the one piloting the Normandy. Although the patrol attempted to disable the Normandy, Joker was able to evade their fire and return the Normandy unharmed. When Joker was apprehended, Dillard informed him that he would be court-martialed and locked up for stealing the ship. Despite this, General Invectus was impressed by Joker's piloting skills and insisted that Joker be appointed the Normandy's pilot.

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