Din Korlack is the volus ambassador to the Citadel. He shares an embassy office with Calyn, the elcor ambassador.

Mass Effect Edit

Din is markedly mistrustful of humans and questions their intentions in the galaxy. This is not an uncommon position among non-humans. However, while most are at least polite to humans, Din is openly rude to Shepard, to the point of being frequently chastised by Calyn.

Din believes the Council is favouring humanity at the expense of his own people and is annoyed that the volus have no Council seat, despite his species' long history with the Citadel. When Shepard becomes a Spectre, Din sarcastically remarks on how honored he was if the Commander deigns to speak with him.

Mass Effect: Retribution Edit

In 2186, Korlack is part of high-level trade negotiations involving the Systems Alliance, the Turian Hierarchy, the Vol Protectorate, and the Courts of Dekuuna. Other participants like Calyn and David Anderson find his behavior rude and irritating.

During one particular break in the negotiations, Korlack and Ambassador Orinia come looking for Anderson at the human embassy, allegedly to file a formal complaint against something one of his aides said. As Anderson was away on lunch at the time, the turian ambassador manages to talk Korlack down from pursuing the matter further.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Din Korlack is still the volus ambassador during the Reaper invasion. He is revealed to have had Cerberus connections while the organization was fighting the Collectors. When the Reapers arrived, Korlack became uncertain of his ties to Cerberus when they began openly opposing the Alliance. After Cerberus' failed coup on the Citadel, he cut ties with them, but the turians are unaware of his change of heart and have set a bounty on him after a turian cruiser carrying high ranking Hierarchy officials was attacked by Cerberus. Korlack is captured by a group of bounty hunters, including Zaeed Massani (if he survived the Suicide Mission), but not before he left a recording instructing anyone who finds it to locate his listening device.

The recording may be found by Commander Shepard, who is investigating Korlack in response to a message from Adrien Victus. Shepard and Zaeed are able to save Korlack, and while he admits that Cerberus plans to attack a turian colony, he refuses to divulge which one, fearing Cerberus will know he turned traitor. He instead offers use of the volus bombing fleet. Shepard can either choose to take the fleet or Korlack's intel, or – if the Commander previously gained Zaeed's loyalty – convince Korlack to give both.

Trivia Edit

  • Din Korlack's name is misspelled in a few instances. In Mass Effect subtitles when he first introduces himself, the subtitles read "Din Korlack: (sigh) I am Din Korlak." This also happens in Mass Effect: Retribution, where he is consistently referred to as "Din Korlak".
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