The Director is a Cerberus operative in charge of the Barn space station and its various experiments on Reaper technology. He is also responsible for the abduction of several test subjects of various species for his experiments.

During a Cerberus experiment, the Director turns against fellow Cerberus operative Randall Ezno. Ezno had been implanted with indoctrination technology and had adapted to it much faster than other Cerberus soldiers, but the indoctrination process failed. The Director recognizes Ezno as a liability and sends the Barn's security forces against him, and also abducts Ezno's handler Inali Renata for experimentation. After capturing Inali, the Director cuts off Randall from the organization, but the operative just vows to shoot him in response.

In the chaos of escaped prisoners caused by Randall's actions, the Director personally supervises the execution of one particular escapee who managed to inflict considerable casualties. He and a couple of his lackeys watch and laugh from the other side of a large empty room as the hapless turian prisoner gets a turret deployed on his coverless position.

The Director unleashes one of Cerberus' most powerful experiments after Randall manages to fight his way through the X1 Wing: X1, a giant, mutated krogan outfitted with geth weaponry. Randall defeats X1 and makes off the Barn to a nearby desert planet. There, the Director unleashes something even more powerful than X1: Inali, Randall's close friend and handler. After defeating Inali and choosing to shoot or spare her, Randall swears that he will hunt down and kill the Director, who has made his escape to parts unknown.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Director interacts with Randall through holoscreens during most of the game, and can only be seen twice in the flesh: near the operating table upon which Inali Renata is being experimented and at the ending of the bonus mission. However, he will always quickly disappear.
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