Description Edit

Originally handcrafted for the exclusive use of justicars, the Disciple Shotgun's schematics were finally released to asari commandos after centuries of negotiation. The Disciple uses shells packed with microscale submunitions to deal staggering amounts of damage. Even shielded enemies are stunned by the force of a blast from this weapon.

Acquisition Edit

Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The Disciple is categorized as rare.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Disciple has a fair reload time; however, it is slower compared to the M-23 Katana or M-27 Scimitar.
  • The Disciple's projectiles appear to do damage after hitting the target: if one looks at an enemy health bar immediately after they have been hit, it continues to drop.
  • The Disciple claims to guarantee enemy stun as described in-game. It actually only increases the stun chance, but it also has the advantage of staggering the opponent even if they are protected by shields and barriers.
  • The Disciple is the only shotgun that can potentially be used with a second, lighter weapon and still retain close to-if not-200% power recharge speed. Combined with an SMG with SMG Ultralight Materials, one can have two weapons to use at any range without compromising on power recharge. Furthermore, the Disciple, when maxed, weighs just 50 percentage points, the same amount as the M-8 Avenger, or the M-6 Carnifex. Combined with powers that increase ammo capacity, it can even be used with a fairly powerful weapon like the Carnifex to allow any power-intensive class a very powerful setup with little effect on power recharge.
  • Although the Disciple has lower base damage than most other shotguns, its superior ranged capability allows it to deal comparable or even greater damage than other shotguns at medium range.
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