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MEA Journal - Elaaden
Scavengers are attempting to remove cores from a Remnant site. According to Peebee, this could make the cores unstable, which will attract the Scourge. Making the cores inert will prevent this.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Elaaden: A New World

Starts automatically when Pathfinder Ryder gets close to any one of the three Remnant locations on Elaaden.

Walkthrough Edit

Investigate the Remnant site Edit

There are three specific sites that you must visit for this mission. Each location will be Remnant Ruins with columns covered in Scourge and guarded by Outlaws.

Approaching any of the three locations adds the first objective, Investigate the Remnant site. An additional sub-mission (Remnant site) and objective (Make the Remnant cores inert) will be added on closer approach to the Remnant ruin.

Each site has multiple lootable containers.

Investigate Remnant sites Edit

After dealing with the first site, head to either of the other two navpoints. When you get close to another location another sub-mission and objective will be added.

Make the Remnant cores inert Edit

Each Remnant core is marked with a sub-mission navpoint MEA Sub-Mission Objective Map Icon. Interact with each core to make them inert. As Ryder begins to deactivate a core, Observers will focus attack on the Pathfinder. Defeat them. Outlaws and Remnant will fight each other which can make Ryder's task easier.

Once the second core is made inert, the next objective is added. Two navpointsMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconwill be added to the map to locations that Ryder hasn't visited yet.

You get +270 XP when the first set of cores is deactivated. Another +270 XP is received when the second set of cores is deactivated.

The mission ends when the third set of cores is deactivated.

Rewards Edit

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