District Guards are turians that were hired by Aria T'Loak to guard the quarantine zone on Omega.

After speaking with Aria about Mordin Solus, Shepard heads to the quarantine zone where the squad is confronted by a district guard. If Shepard is able to convince the guard at the transport hub to let the squad through, the guard will radio ahead for his companions to stand down. However, if Shepard fails to convince the guard to radio ahead, the guards will open fire upon Shepard's arrival.

Capabilities Edit


The Guards are armed with the M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle.


The Guards only have health on lower difficulties while on Hardcore and Insanity, they have some minor shielding.

Tactics Edit

The District Guards have little defenses but make up for this with effective use of cover and superior positioning. They will pop out to take shots and duck right back down again. They do not have any biotic or tech talents, so their weapons do all the talking.