Dock 422
Dock 422 is the private starship dock on the Citadel that is assigned to the SSV Normandy whenever she visits the station in 2183. It allows free passage for the Normandy and her crew to return and depart as they see fit.

A keeper can be found on the upper part of the dock, past the entrance for the Normandy. Also, the weapons systems, thrusters and ablative shielding of the Normandy can be observed from the lower part, adding to the Galactic Codex.

Dock 422 is accessed via the turbolift from the C-Sec Academy lobby and offers an impressive view of the Citadel Wards. Rear Admiral Mikhailovich conducts a snap inspection here to assess the Normandy's capabilities, and if Shepard has the Colonist background they may be forced to confront someone from their home colony here.

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