“May there always be a market for the things we do.”

Donovan Hock is a weapons dealer, smuggler and patron of the arts.

Mass Effect: Foundation[edit | edit source]

Two thieves attempted to break into Hock's property on the planet Bekenstein, but they faced heavier-than-expected resistance and were forced to split up. Hock was on his estate when this happened, personally murdering one of the thieves, Keiji Okuda. He stabbed a device in Keiji's head that forcibly extracted the man's graybox, eager to learn about the secrets within.

As he left, Hock remarked that he has never stolen a person's memories before, sadistically commending the dying man to consider the action an "honor".

Mass Effect 2[edit | edit source]

Hock is the antagonist of Kasumi Goto's loyalty mission, Stealing Memory. Speaking with a strong Afrikaans accent, he resides in a mansion on Bekenstein, surrounded by fields and a lake, with a city in the distance. Hock is a patron of artist June Fasha. His mansion contains a vault with priceless artifacts and works of art including Michelangelo's David and the head of the Statue of Liberty. How he obtained these items is unknown.

Hock killed Kasumi's former partner, Keiji Okuda, and stole his graybox, which contained a secret that, if exposed, would implicate the Alliance. However, Okuda had encrypted the graybox.

Commander Shepard, under an assumed alias, and Kasumi, infiltrate Hock's vault, but when they recover the graybox, Hock -- who had suspected Kasumi's involvement -- shows up as a holographic projection and confronts Shepard and Kasumi. After his mechs and Eclipse mercs fail to stop them, Hock takes matters into his own hands by flying an A-61 Mantis Gunship, equipped with its own personal shield. Kasumi, however, gets in close and disables the shield, allowing herself and the Commander to shoot Hock down. Hock is killed in the resulting explosion.

Mass Effect 3[edit | edit source]

Hock is apparently successful in decrypting Keiji's graybox if Shepard wasn't able to help Kasumi retrieve it. Salarian Spectre Jondum Bau pays him off for intel in connection to a case he is pursuing: the Alliance covered up a raid to a batarian outpost, and hanar were complicit in leading the Alliance to the outpost.

Donovan Hock is regarded to be an unpleasant man by the Spectre.

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