Dorado is a beastmaster working for the Collective. Secretly she has been profiting off the Collective by impersonating the Charlatan and passing off her orders as theirs. When two recruits got killed because of her actions, Crux furtively launches an investigation to expose her identity. Pathfinder Ryder can help with the issue through SAM's scanning capabilities.

In the course of eliminating other suspects SAM's scans show Dorado has high levels of sulfur in her clothes and elevated levels of stress, the former a telltale sign given that it is known the imposter has been to Sulfur Springs and the latter a telltale sign SAM differentiates on through her responses to Ryder. Dorado claims she hasn't slept in 36 hours when questioned due to following the Charlatan's orders.

As it turns out, Dorado's mission was supposed to be on Kadara Port and nowhere near the Springs. Ryder can help apprehend her discreetly if she's directly asked about her sulfur exposure. Dorado acknowledges her odorous situation, but claims she's not in the habit of discussing her orders to outsiders. When Crux hears of this, Dorado doesn't learn she has been discovered before it's too late.

If her loyalty to the Charlatan is questioned, however, Dorado becomes spooked and runs out of the base before the Collective apprehends her. Ryder and their squad are then forced to deal with her in the cave complex before she escapes.

Capabilities Edit


Dorado has adhi to command in addition to her M-97 Viper armament.


Dorado possesses normal shields and health.

Tactics Edit

  • Because the fight is in a close-quarters cave, Dorado and her beasts can be easily killed by well-placed damaging powers with a wide radius.
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