Doran is the volus owner, cook, and bartender of the Flux nightclub on the Citadel. He is also known to get up and dance when the mood strikes him. He is very welcoming to new patrons and usually points them in the direction of the casino upstairs.

If Shepard agrees to help Schells the salarian gambler to gather data from the Quasar gambling machines, Doran takes notice and comments suspiciously on the Commander's "luck". Shepard can turn Schells' scanning device over to Doran, who is annoyed at Schells, but grateful for the help. Later, Doran's dancing mood sets in, and he can be found on the nightclub's dance floor. Shepard has the opportunity to join in.

Doran is privy to the issues between two sisters under his employ, Rita and Jenna. When Jenna left Flux to work at Chora's Den, he claims he's open to rehiring her, only that she doesn't want to go back. He advises Rita to be careful in dealing with her stubborn sister, so as not to alienate her further.

Trivia Edit

  • Doran's voice actor, Gord Marriott, also voices Han Olar. Previously, he voiced Old Wei in BioWare's Jade Empire.
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