ME2 dossier - tali
Formerly listed as Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, the quarian engineer earned her adult name after helping Shepard defeat Saren two years ago. Tali is currently on a classified assignment for the Migrant Fleet Admiralty Board on Haestrom, deep in geth-controlled space.


Prerequisite: Horizon (mission)

The Illusive Man provides Shepard with dossiers on three new squadmates after the mission to Horizon.

Tali'Zorah vas Neema

- Expert in combat tech, systems hacking
- Strong engineering background, familiar with Normandy

Formerly listed as Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, the quarian engineer earned her adult name after helping Shepard defeat Saren two years ago. Tali is currently on a classified assignment for the Migrant Fleet Admiralty Board on Haestrom, deep in geth-controlled space.

Preparation Edit

Tactical themes of this mission include lots of geth and long fields of fire: Overload, Disruptor Ammo, sniper rifles, and the squadmates who provide them are all useful. The Area Overload evolution is recommended if playing on hardcore or insanity due to the geth numbers and their tendency to crowd near each other particularly in some choke points such as the various ramps. If you have completed Lair of the Shadow Broker, then Stasis is very useful for this mission because of its insta-kill of drones and ability to temporarily stop a Geth Destroyer or Geth Prime advancing to close range, although it has no effect on the Geth Colossus.

Note: If you wish to acquire the Geth Pulse Rifle at the end of this mission near Tali's location, be sure to set the difficulty setting to either hardcore or insanity BEFORE landing on Haestrom while aboard the Normandy, or as soon as you land on Haestrom.

Walkthrough Edit

Arrival Edit

Haestrom Fried Bug
Haestrom was a former quarian colony world to which Tali and her team have travelled to study the unusual things its sun is doing. Unfortunately the planet is under attack by the geth. Solar radiation on the surface is so strong that it will weaken and eventually overload Shepard's shields. You must stay in the shade and run from cover to cover to survive. Do not stay in the sun for any prolonged period of time because it will completely destroy your team's shields. Simply put, AVOID THE SUN.

Note: Despite the statement that the sun affects the shields, characters having Barrier as their defense (Adept and Vanguard Shepard, Samara/Morinth, Jacob and Jack) will have their defenses stripped after exposure in the same way. Only Grunt is immune to solar radiation, since he has Armor for defenses.

Note: You can't be killed if you stand in the sunlight directly. Your shields will deplete but no damage to health will occur.

The first area after the drop off has no combat. Move forward down the ramps to get past the sun and you will eventually reach a small building with a door on the right.

Enter the building and salvage a Damaged Geth (+3000 credits). There is also a med-kit with Medi-gel and a quarian log that plays automatically on repeat in the room that gives you some brief background on what has happened. Activate the Gate Controls to open the facility gate outside. Leave the building and go through the gateway to continue the mission.

Haestrom Tali Geth Dropship
When you go through the gateway, immediately get into cover and note two things: first where the sun falls and second where the enemies are in cover. Defeat all the enemies on the ground floor immediately in front of the gateway. Additional waves of geth will spawn from a doorway far at the end of the map as Shepard moves forward. To the right of the starting gateway up the ramps is a causeway where additional geth will spawn as Shepard moves forward.

Combat Strategy: If Shepard has a sniper rifle, it can be put to productive use now by moving to the forward end of the platform immediately to the left of your entrance point (where the first geth are dropped from the Geth Dropship). You'll start to see large numbers of geth emerge from the double doors a few at a time in the extreme distance and you can easily go through your whole rifle clip picking them off in safety.

There are now two paths forward to the other side of the map. Either path will get you to the next section.

Combat Strategies: For shorter range weapons it is a better to take the elevated causeway path as there is lots of cover to fight from compared to staying on the ground where longer range weapons are more suited for use. Either route is possible with any weapons though.

  • Elevated Causeway / Up the Ramp: Leave your squadmates in shaded cover and run up the ramp into cover. Once in cover you will come under attack so give your squadmates a call and put them in shaded cover. Fight your way down to the large spheres in the crates and take cover there. Take cover on the back one and put another squadmate further up on the next set. Once the attacking geth are taken care of on the causeway, go back to where there is a ramp to your right with a medical station with Medi-gel. Take the ramp to the bottom and you can scan the heavy pistol for a Heavy Pistol Damage upgrade. Call your squadmates to your location at the bottom of the ramps and kill any remaining geth on the ground floor before moving forward.
  • Lower Level / On the Floor: Keep in cover and your squadmates will tell you that the sun is too bright and another way must be found. You can continue or ignore them. Duck to the right and you can scan the heavy pistol for a Heavy Pistol Damage upgrade and get into the shaded cover at the bottom of the ramps. At the top of the ramps is a medical station with Medi-gel. Beyond this, there is no cover from the sun so hope you have a sniper or you are good at shooting from long range.

Regroup Edit

Geth Dropship Haestrom
Either route you choose to clear out the geth, once the geth are eliminated, grab the crate of Refined Iridium (+400 iridium) before moving on. Watch out and keep to cover because there are geth around the corner that are battling quarians, no matter what you do you will not be able to save the quarians.

In this area is a salvageable Damaged Geth Hunter (+6000 credits) and a Tempest SMG.

Note: Sometimes when you approach the Damaged Geth Hunter too closely for the credits it will cloak and you will be unable to collect the credits. Don't worry as the Geth Hunter will uncloak when you back up and you can collect the credits.

Warning: Don't pick up the radio until you are ready to continue as picking up the radio results in a cutscene with the quarian marines battling the geth. The Geth Dropship collapses a pillar and blocks Shepard's access to the quarian marines.

Note: It is a good idea to save before picking up the radio.

Getting the Charges Edit

Haestrom Tali Prime Ambush
After the cutscene and dialogue options, Shepard must retrieve two demolition charges to destroy the pillar. Watch out in this area because there are a few Geth Destroyers and a Geth Prime, plus many sneaky cloaked Geth Hunters. For the charges, one is off to the left in a garage, and the other is in a bunker straight ahead. It's recommend to go for the garage demo charge first because it is much easier.

Demo Charge 1 - Garage Edit

After the cutscene ends, a wave of geth spawns in front of your position and Geth Troopers will spawn continuously from the garage. Kill off the geth in front of your squad and begin moving towards the garage on the left. Note: If you move relatively slowly towards the garage, the Geth Troopers will keep spawning for a very long time. You can reduce the number of Geth Troopers you need to fight by moving forward whenever you can safely do so to get to the garage doorway.

Note: Most of the cover going to the garage is in shade so don't worry about the sun.

When you reach the doorway of the garage, a large group of geth will spawn inside the garage including Geth Hunters. Watch out for the Geth Hunters in the area and their stealth fields as they will close the distance and knock you out of cover. Also watch the ramp in the back corner of the garage because some Geth Troopers will come out of there at a regular pace. You can stand your ground or pull back to fight the geth in the garage. Note: Once the geth in the garage are down, the Geth Troopers will not start spawning again from the bunker area until after you've picked up the first demo charge in the garage and killed the geth wave dropped from the Geth Dropship.

Once the geth are destroyed move your squad into the garage and collect any ammo you find. Straight ahead and to the right is a med-kit with Medi-gel. Up the ramps at the top is a medical station with another Medi-gel and you can access Tali’s journal on the desk for more of the story of why the quarians are here on Haestrom.

Save your game before you grab the first demo charge, as once you grab the first demo charge and walk towards the doorway, a Geth Dropship will fly in and drop off Geth Troopers and a Geth Prime.

Combat Strategy: Careful planning can make this battle much simpler to complete. Proper selection of cover is essential.

  • Place your squadmates into cover before you trigger the Geth Dropship. Your squadmates can be positioned in the area behind the back of the yellow vehicle at the back of the bay. With your two squadmates assigned positions in cover behind the yellow vehicle before the geth wave is activated, the whole wave can be picked off with no real danger.
  • Once you've triggered the Geth Dropship, it's best to have Shepard retreat rapidly to the back of the room and into cover near your squadmates behind the yellow vehicle.
  • Shepard can take cover on the wall directly in front of the med-kit with the ramps upwards right above you. The Geth Prime will walk up the ramp onto the landing trying to get to Shepard, point down its weapons at point blank range at Shepard, but be unable to fire on Shepard. The Combat Drones the Geth Prime spawns will be right above Shepard but unable to get you either. Your squadmates in cover behind the yellow vehicle can use weapons and powers to destroy the Geth Prime easily from their vantage point.
  • The remaining Geth Troopers tend to stay to cover out in the room but will tend to break cover and storm your position once the Geth Prime falls. Kill the remaining Geth Troopers quickly or they will overrun your position behind the yellow vehicle.
  • Using AI Hacking on the Geth Prime can be a helpful tactic here.

After the battle, save your game before continuing on to the second demo charge in the bunker.

Note: When you've got the Geth Prime and the remaining Geth Troopers down, be aware that a trickle of Geth Troopers will now begin spawning from the direction of the second demo charge in the bunker. If you just stay hunkered down in the garage you will be fighting pairs of Geth Troopers for a very long time. By moving carefully forward toward the second charge in the bunker area you can end the trickle spawn. When a big group of geth spawns in front of you, you'll know you've stopped the trickle spawn.

Demo Charge 2 - Bunker Edit

The second charge is hidden in a bunker you can reach by heading left as you leave the garage. The Geth Trooper trickle will take place until your reach the point that the large geth wave spawns. Be careful as Geth Destroyers will show up.

Combat Strategy: When the geth wave spawns you have three solid options to kill the geth off:

  • Option 1: Take cover as soon as you see geth spawning down the "hill" from you. Remain there and pick them off one by one. Geth Destroyers are the most dangerous if they get close, but once their shields are stripped you can shoot holes in their tanks or hit them with Incinerate to make them explode violently.
  • Option 2: Run up the stairs outside the garage and take cover in the shade. There are very few crates to provide cover here from the sun so be careful, it is just better off to run down the catwalk and into the room at the end. Once in the room you can leave a squadmate here, preferably the one with a sniper rifle or assault rifle. Open the shutters before going down the stairs. Once Shepard is on the ground level (along with the squadmate in cover you left behind upstairs) take out the geth moving from cover to cover as needed. Be careful which squadmate you order to move, because calling that squadmate down will deprive you of a big tactical advantage: height.
  • Option 3: Move back to the garage and place your squadmates into cover. Move forward to draw the Geth Destroyers to the garage and take them out. You can then move forward and peek around the corner at the Geth Troopers down the ramps. The Geth Troopers will tend to stay in the lower area running back and forth between cover. You can chip away at the Geth Troopers from a distance using weapons / powers and run back to the garage to recharge your shields. Additional Geth Troopers will move up to replace the Geth Troopers as you kill them. When you're comfortable that you've killed the wave of geth, carefully move your squad forward towards the bunker using cover as needed. The Geth Troopers may still trickle out until you get close enough to the bunker.
Haestrom Tali Bridge Flank

Whichever option you picked, once the geth are down there are several items to collect from this area before you collect the second demo charge. Note: No additional geth will spawn until you grab the second demo charge.

  • There are two crates of Refined Iridium to collect. The first crate of Refined Iridium (+400 iridium) is located on a crane like object directly across from the garage doorway. The second crate of Refined Iridium (+400 iridium) is located on another crane like object under the overhead walkway near the bunker area.
  • There are two Medi-gels to collect. The first Medi-gel is a medical station located in the bunker next to the second demo charge. The second Medi-gel is also a medical station located upstairs in the room with the shutter controls.
  • There is a second console up on the elevated catwalk where you can access Tali’s journal again for more of the story of why the quarians are here on Haestrom.
  • There is a power cells in the bunker next to the second demo charge. Note: If you have enough heavy ammo for the moment, leave the power cells until after the upcoming battle as the power cells will also restock the ammo of all your other weapons. If need be, you can grab the power cells during the battle as well.

Once you've collected all the items from this area, save your game before grabbing the second demo charge.

Combat Strategy: When you grab the second demo charge, a wave of geth will spawn outside the bunker room so prepare for combat. When you exit the bunker once again the geth will ambush you. They really don’t want you to get to Tali, or at least not before they can get to her. When the geth wave spawns you have two solid options to kill the geth off:

  • Option 1: You can remain in place in the bunker where the cover is pretty good but there is some danger of Geth Destroyers and other geth getting to close range or flanking you and the Geth Rocket Troopers on the catwalk above you will be difficult to get line of sight on.
  • Option 2: You can quickly dash through the door ahead to your left and climb up the stairs to the room with the shutter controls. Opening the shutters will allow you to pick off the Geth Rocket Troopers and then many of the enemies below. Some of the enemies below may remain in positions where it's difficult to snipe them from above but once you've simplified the battle by removing the troops from the catwalk you will find many effective ways to deal with them.

Once the geth are eliminated move back to the pillar and plant the demo charges. You now have 10 seconds to get away before there is a rather large explosion. Basically get behind some cover, that IS NOT the pillar itself. Even if you are at the ends you still have a chance to be killed in the explosion. Note: You don't really even have to be in cover as long as you've moved far enough away for the countdown timer to turn green colored.

Past the Pillar Edit

Once past this door, Shepard will enter a room that unfortunately contains a lot of dead quarians, several dead geth, and one geth that is crawling toward the door. There are a lot of things in this room to collect and you cannot exit yet.

  • Scan the Disassembled Geth Rifle for an Assault Rifle upgrade.
  • Bypass the Ancient Wall Safe (+6000 credits).
  • Salvage the first Damaged Geth (+3000 credits) and a second Damaged Geth (+6000 credits).
  • Access Tali’s journal for the third time to get a nostalgic log.
  • There is also another chance to pick up the Tempest SMG and a weapons locker to change up should you wish.

When you are ready, talk to Tali via the comm system to continue.

Tali Comm

You can talk to Tali about her mission, her people, and where she is. She tells you that she has locked herself in the observatory at the far end of the colony and most of the marines died trying to protect her. Tali unlocks the door and pleads with you to save as many marines as possible.

Getting to the Observatory Edit

This is a good point to save the game.

Past the door, on the right there is a medical station with Medi-gel. Continue down the staircase but be careful as you approach the doorway.

This next area is tricky because while the cover is shaded, it is easy for the geth to flank you, the Geth Recon Drones continuously spawn in groups until you reach the other side of the area, and there are Geth Troopers and one Geth Prime walking around. Note: On insanity, there are two Geth Primes in this area and no Geth Troopers. One Geth Prime is closer to the doorway you start at but tends to stay in cover / walking back and forth. The second Geth Prime shows up after you move forward towards the door at the other side of the map.

Combat Strategy: This battle can quickly overwhelm your squad if you don't know which geth spawn and where they arrive from.

  • The first geth you encounter in this area are the Geth Recon Drones. The Geth Recon Drones fly in high and in groups. (These are the drones that killed Jenkins on Eden Prime in Mass Effect.) Focus on the Geth Recon Drones first because their pulse emitters will rip through your shields faster than the sun and they are high up in the sky so they won't go to cover. Overload and squadmates are highly effective at taking out the drones.
  • Stasis will kill Geth Recon Drones quite effectively - when the stasis ends they fall and die, though they sometimes get a single small shot off while falling.
  • Pull will also kill the drones instantly; beware, however, that the explosion caused by their destruction can harm you if they are pulled towards Shepard or squadmates.
  • The Geth Prime and Geth Troopers (or a second Geth Prime on Insanity) will come in while you are battling the Geth Recon Drones, so shift your focus to the main geth when you are able, especially that Geth Prime. Take cover back in the doorway you started at to wear down the Geth Prime and Geth Troopers between the waves of Geth Recon Drones.
  • Engineers, through aggressive use of their Combat Drone, can often befuddle the Geth Prime into retreating, and by getting the drone close enough to the exit door can prevent the spawning of any further Geth Primes and Geth Recon Drones.
  • As you move forward, the Geth Recon Drones spawn point moves further back in the room but they will not stop spawning until you've reached the other side and killed the geth in the area. Also, it is generally safe to advance between "waves" of Geth Recon Drones, because any new wave will stop in front of your position rather than moving past and flanking you.

You know when you are at the end when you see a vehicle pointing towards a door. There is nothing to pick up in this area once the geth are killed.

Warning: Once you've killed all the geth in the room, be aware that if you go backwards in the room to pick up ammo, another wave of Geth Recon Drones will spawn unexpectedly even though the battle is over. It is ok to get ammo at this point, just expect the Geth Recon Drones to come in and take them down as you move forward towards the door at the other side of the room.

Go through the door and save your game before you continue on.

In this room there is an Ancient Wall Safe (+6000 credits) you can bypass and a medical station with Medi-gel.

To continue the mission, you have to raise the shutters in the room by Lifting Security Lockdown. Once you raise the shutters, a cutscene will play showing the vast amount of geth blocking your way to Tali’s position. The first thing you will notice is the Geth Colossus trying to break through. If you ever had the guts to fight one of these on foot in Mass Effect, then you know how hard they are. Especially this one, because it comes complete with the new self-repair feature.

Note: On easier difficulties the Geth Colossus may be killed at this point without leaving the room with the help of heavy weapons if the shots are well placed. This effectively skips the geth waves, should you decide to fight it close, as well as the dialogue with Kal'Reegar, and this method is not recommended.

Note: If Shepard has a sniper rifle, it can be put to decent use picking off geth from the windows in the room before you exit. Don't shoot at the Geth Colossus yet, it will just repair itself. Shepard can kill geth from the windows in cover while watching out for the bolts the Geth Colossus shoots at Shepard. This will simplify your life at the beginning of the upcoming battle.

Warning: The shots from the Geth Colossus main gun home in on whatever it's aiming at (usually you). The only way to avoid getting hit is to get in cover or otherwise block the shot.

Past The Shutters Edit

Kal Rocket Launcher
Go out the door and down the stairs, here Shepard will encounter Kal'Reegar, one of the last remaining quarian marines accompanying Tali. He informs Shepard that there is a Geth Colossus as well as a large number of other geth blocking the way to Tali. You can ask him about the cover and what is the best strategy. ASK these questions because otherwise you will regret it.

Combat Strategy: This walkthrough is a general guide and you will have to modify your strategy based on Shepard’s abilities and your squad’s abilities. Note: Before proceeding in any direction, take a moment to clean out the geth approaching your position. This will make life safer whichever strategy you are going to try.

To the Left: The left path is well-covered from the Geth Colossus but is more vulnerable to the continually spawning individual troopers. This path can be better for biotic heavy and/or tech heavy squads, and if Shepard can only use pistols and/or shotguns. Keep picking off the geth that spawn, and eventually you will reach a covered area, which is to the left of the Geth Colossus. From here, you can shoot at the Colossus from behind cover, but be careful of the ordinary Geth Troopers who might flank you. Position your squadmates such that they can take out the regular geth while you bring Heavy Weapons to bear on the Geth Colossus. Insanity Tip: While you're fighting the Geth Colossus what seems to be an unending series of waves of smaller geth will spawn but they aren't infinite. You just have to kill a very large number of geth. On insanity you may therefore ultimately find it safer to pursue the "To the Right" path even without a sniper or assault rifle because the waves appear more slowly and have a harder time approaching your position.

Burning Sunlight on Haestrom

To the Right: The right path has a sniper’s post and a lot of cover. However, it is mostly exposed to the sun, so take that into your calculations. Clean off any geth you can see up there before heading up the ramp. Crouching along the guard rail on the left will protect you from the sun, and there is a very safe position behind a wall on the right at the very beginning of the catwalk. This path is good for combat-heavy squads and squads with assault rifles and sniper rifles. There will be a few waves of geth that will spawn in front of you, so keep on shooting them until you can reach the overlook above the Geth Colossus. Once you reach the overlook, your team can hide and shoot the Geth Colossus to death with their regular guns at their leisure, just watch your back as another wave of geth can appear. In the correct position Geth Colossus shots will be blocked by a pillar, and spawning geth cannot approach directly. Combat Tip: A rather powerful wave of geth including a Geth Destroyer spawns "by surprise" when you penetrate about halfway down the catwalk, so be ready for it and duck behind one of the boxes on the left where the guard rail will protect you from the sun.

Up the Middle: The middle path is only good if you stay in cover; otherwise it is suicide. Well really it's mostly just suicide, but it can be done on lower difficulty levels. You have plenty of cover from the ordinary geth, but the Geth Colossus has a firing solution on you the whole time. The harder the level, the more suicidal this path is.

Haestrom - colossus area layout
Vanguard Class Tip: The Vanguard can use Charge to easily advance on the Geth Colossus, regardless of chosen path. However, you will be on your own against the Geth Colossus for as long as it takes for your squadmates to reach you (assuming they can reach you at all).

Pick your path carefully and then continue the conversation with Kal'Reegar. Whichever path you choose, once you head down it a little, a wave of geth will come forward to attack so don’t rush too fast.

Get to Tali Edit

Colossus Firing
Continuing the conversation with Kal'Reegar, Shepard may ask Kal'Reegar to either provide cover fire with his missile launcher or tell him to stay down. If you tell him to stand down because he is injured, he will still say he can fight. Persuading Kal'Reegar to stand down requires a Paragon interrupt. After Kal'Reegar stands down, Shepard can ask for his help, allowing one to maximize Paragon points as well as have Kal'Reegar participate in the fight. If Kal'Reegar stays in the fight, he will take potshots at the Geth Colossus with his missile launcher. Warning: If you let Kal'Reegar take the Geth Colossus shield down to the point where it initiates self-repair, then after coming back online the Geth Colossus will fire on Kal'Reegar and kill him. Kal'Reegar will comment that he has drawn the Colossus' attention just before he dies. So think carefully if you want Kal'Reegar to fight.

Combat Tip: There is a bonus to not having Kal'Reegar fight for you. After the conversation is over, if you chose to have Kal'Reegar stand down, talk to him again, and again say "stand down". By doing this conversation your squadmates will automatically be revived if they were killed. You can repeat this process as many times as you want as long as you choose the "Stand Down" answer when talking to Kal'Reegar.

Geth on Haestrom

No matter what path you choose, keep in shaded cover and avoid the Geth Colossus main cannon fire at all costs. Don’t expend a lot of Heavy Weapon ammo here on normal geth, save it all for the Geth Colossus. Move along your chosen path and take out as many of the small geth as you can.

The Geth Colossus is protected with heavy shielding and armor. Once enough damage is done to its armor, it will collapse into a defensive position, enter into a repair mode and rapidly regenerate its shields and on the hardcore / insanity difficulties it also regenerates its armor.

There are several strategies to defeat the Geth Colossus:

  • Once the shields are down on the Geth Colossus, unload with heavy weapons. If the Geth Colossus enters its repair mode, wait until it stands back up before opening fire again. Keep going until it collapses. Using heavy weapons on higher difficulties is not recommended as the armor is repaired and it just wastes ammo.
  • Another viable way to defeat the Geth Colossus on lower difficulty levels is to bring its shield down to half, then use M-920 Cain to destroy it from across the field. On lower difficulties, the M-920 Cain will outright kill the Colossus, even at full health, shields and armor. Note: On hardcore / insanity however, the Geth Colossus will huddle for repairs when its shields are knocked down to 50% and shot with the M-920 Cain at this point is still ineffectual; it will only drop its armor down to about 10%, but not outright kill it; on this difficulty setting after self-repair the Geth Colossus will come back to full armor and shield, making the M-920 Cain shot a waste of ammo. Infilitrator Class Tip: An Infiltrator can use Assassination / Tactical Cloak to avoid the Geth Colossus main cannon while charging up the M-920 Cain but be warned that this method does not work on hardcore / insanity.
  • You can also try sticking back with Kal'Reegar. Stay in cover and send your squadmates behind the cover directly to your right. This focuses the Geth Colossus main cannon on Shepard, so they are pretty much free to fire at enemies. Use the squad's tech powers to rapidly take down enemies. Use whatever crowd control you have to keep the oncoming geth at bay. Focus on the ones directly in front, the ones on the left next, and any coming from the ramp on the right as they poke out. It's important to focus on those nearest first, regardless of which direction they're coming from. Eventually they geth stop coming and only the Geth Colossus will be firing at you. Make sure you've given enough time to ensure another wave isn't coming. When it's clear, send your allies up to take cover behind the large blocks just beyond the metal barrels. Once in position, come out and get behind the barrels. Next, run up the bridge on the left and quickly duck behind the iridium container. If there are any geth coming down center, take out any you can see from this vantage point. Call your allies to behind the crates in front of you slightly to the left. You must do this quickly as there will be geth waiting for you. Take out all geth ahead, focus on the Geth Destroyers first as they are the bigger threat, and run up to the stacked barrels on your right just beyond the road barriers. More geth will come down from the platform where the Geth Colossus is. Take them out and then move your allies directly under the platform so they're out of range of the Geth Colossus. At the top of the platform set your allies to cover behind the two nearest crates facing the Geth Colossus while you take cover behind the wall where you just came from. There will be more geth showing up. Take them out, while keeping an eye out for any Geth Destroyers. Take out the Geth Destroyers first, then switch to taking out the other geth. Either way, once you have the Geth Destroyers taken care of, keep your fire on any geth that are coming at you. When you are able, use your powers or weapons to damage the Geth Colossus. If you have Kasumi in your squad, then using her Shadow Strike power here is also a good idea.
Haestrom - left side route

After you destroy the Colossus, be sure to take down any remaining geth that you may have missed.

Collect all of the items in the area before entering the observatory door. There are multiple items to collect:

  • There are two Medi-gels to collect. The first Medi-gel is a med-kit next to Kal'Reegar. The second Medi-gel is a med-kit located in the sniper's nest on the right side of the battlefield.
  • There are four crates of Refined Iridium (+200 iridium each, +800 iridium total) to collect located on the four crane objects around the battlefield.
  • The are two power cells to collect. One power cells is to the right of the observatory door. The second power cells in on the wall opposite from the left of the observatory door.

Once you have collected everything from the battlefield, you can enter the door to the observatory. In the observatory, you will find three disabled geth platforms next to Tali. You can salvage a Damaged Geth (+9000 credits). On hardcore or insanity difficulty levels, you can find an Intact Pulse Rifle that awards a Geth Pulse Rifle on another one of the platforms.

Once you encounter Tali in person, you can ask her what she and the marines were doing there, and about what she has been up to for the last two years. You then ask Tali to join you. If Kal'Reegar survives, he will take the data and upload it. If he is dead, then Tali is disappointed that she is the only survivor of her whole team and she uploads the data herself over a secure channel. Shepard, the squad, and Tali then return to the Normandy.

Normandy Edit

Jacob and Tali
Jacob greets Tali in the briefing room and welcomes her aboard. She is thankful for their timely rescue but she has concerns about working with Cerberus. Once you alleviate her concerns, she says that she will be in Engineering. On her way out, Jacob tells her to introduce herself to the ship’s AI, EDI, which provokes an emotional reaction from Tali.

From then on, Tali can be found across from Gabriella Daniels and Kenneth Donnelly in main engineering. Kelly then suggests to a male Shepard that Tali may want to be more than friends. Shepard also receives a private message from the Admiralty Board of the Migrant Fleet approving her transfer to the Normandy (see below).


After the mission, Admiral Rael'Zorah of the quarian Migrant Fleet (Tali's father) sends Shepard an email (titled "Transfer Request Approved") regarding her decision to join Shepard:

From: Admiralty Board, Migrant Fleet

Commander Shepard,

Per Tali'Zorah vas Neema's request included with her data delivery from Haestrom, the Admiralty Board has approved her transfer to your command. She has been informed that additional duties to the Migrant Fleet may still be necessary on occasion, but has been given extended leeway to determine when her mission with you is considered complete.

This choice was hers, but your role as de facto captain during her Pilgrimage may have caused her to be more susceptible to your requests. The Admiralty Board trusts that you will treat your new crew member with the respect due an honored member of the Fleet. Should any harm come to her due to negligence on your part, this board will take severe and appropriate action.

Admiral Rael'Zorah,

Migrant Fleet Admiralty Board

Enemies Edit

Mission Summary Edit

Recruited Tali'Zorah for the team.

Though loyal to Shepard, Tali’Zorah's antagonism toward Cerberus necessitates observation. Also sending recon units to examine geth activities in case activities on Haestrom provoke action.

Note: Although the mission summary says Credits 69,000 (if all are collected) you actually receive 60,000. This has been confirmed on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon arrival on Haestrom when entering the sun for the first few times your squadmates will make comments about staying in the shade. This is probably a reference to the quip "Good. Then we will fight in the shade.", attributed by Herodotus to the Spartan Dienekes at the Battle of Thermopylae, which has been re-popularised by the film 300.
  • Despite the statement that Dholen's radiation shorts out all electronic devices and kinetic barriers, shields on geth enemies are completely unaffected by the sun.
  • While fighting the Colossus at the end of the level, there is a glitch which allows you to revive your allies without using Medi-gel. Firstly, it is required that you perform the Paragon action when prompted to intervene with Kal'Reegar, thus saving him, and when your comrades are down talk to him again and they'll get up.
  • If you are playing as a Vanguard, there is a glitch when fighting the Colossus. When you first come into sight with the Colossus (before talking to Kal'Reegar) you can charge across the battlefield at the Colossus which will trigger the conversation with Kal'Reegar. After the conversation with Kal is over you will be right next to the Colossus. When this glitch is performed the Colossus will not attack you throughout the battle, it will just sit there, allowing you to attack it.
  • If you attempt the aforementioned glitch, there is a chance that it might backfire. The Colossus will not fire, but the game will spawn neverending squads of Geth Troopers and Destroyers that will aggressively attack in waves.
  • After defeating the Colossus, grab 800 units of Refined Iridium from the 4 containers in the area. Walk up to Tali. If you go back outside, each of the 4 containers will contain 1 unit of Refined Iridium, for a maximum of 4 per set. Repeat as necessary for the slowest way to farm iridium.
  • If you reload at any point during the mission (including after death) you can access previous looted containers of Refined Iridium a second time. After you have gathered 2000 units however each subsequent container will only contain 1 unit of Refined Iridium.
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