Dr. Daniel Abrams is a human who works in Mordin Solus' clinic on Omega. During the outbreak of a plague, he bravely ventures to get the vaccine to some batarians who are trapped behind vorcha lines.

A crisis emerges as the batarians accuse him of carrying poisons, and Shepard is called upon to resolve the crisis.

Shepard can either choose a diplomatic or an aggressive approach to the conversation, convincing the batarians into freeing Daniel, or signal a squad member to shoot one of the batarians, resulting in Daniel's death.

If Shepard is able to charm or intimidate them into complying, the Commander agrees to let the batarians leave unharmed. Shepard can renege on this promise leading to a scene where Shepard's team guns down the batarians. Daniel survives but is horrified by Shepard's actions. Mordin, however, agrees that killing the batarians was the correct choice and admonishes Daniel for being naive.


If Daniel survives, he sends an e-mail titled "Things are quiet again." to Commander Shepard.

From: Omega Clinic Desk

Commander, I wanted to thank you again for saving me from those batarians. I thought I'd seen the worst of people's anger and fear at Dr. Solus' clinic. I had no idea how much anger his work was keeping in check, how bad it really was. If not for you, I'd be dead. Thank you.

The clinic is doing well. You got rid of most of the plague, and I've been able to handle the rest without too much trouble. The Blue Suns keep offering to take over security here. I keep the mechs powered on. I won't make the same mistake twice.


- Daniel

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