Dr. Garret Bryson is a Systems Alliance scientist. He is the head of Task Force Aurora, a group created to investigate ancient legends about the Reapers.

Commander Shepard meets Dr. Bryson at his lab on the Citadel at Admiral Hackett's command. Bryson explains that he discovered that the batarians had been researching a Reaper corpse, and the fact that something had killed a Reaper so long ago was especially noteworthy. This led Bryson and his team to begin pursuing rumors of a mythical Reaper-killing creature called Leviathan. Before Bryson can explain the task force's findings to Shepard, he is killed by his assistant, Derek Hadley, who had been enthralled through an artifact stored in Bryson's lab.

Bryson's daughter, Ann, states that Shepard's work in uncovering the Reapers validated years of Bryson's work. She describes her father as a distant man who was also extremely passionate about his work, and she regrets that their last talk was a petty argument over filing some specimens. She also adds that he loved working in the field -- so much that he showed up to her graduation in his field outfit -- and that he would have hated dying in his lab.

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