Dr. Lekaaret is an angaran researcher located on Voeld.

Pathfinder Ryder encounters Dr. Lekaaret while investigating poachers of Yevara. Lekaaret is researching enzymes in the skin of the yevara, hoping to find a way to treat the effects of kett weapons. Ryder can either decide to help her or stop her.

If Ryder decides not to allow the research to continue, Ryder will instruct SAM to transmit information on Lekaaret's actions to the Angaran Resistance, and advise Lekaaret to get off the planet while she can.

If Ryder decides to let her continue her research, Ryder says that Lekaaret has to be upfront with the angara about it. Lekaaret thanks Ryder, saying that her research will work and promises to take contact with the Resistance.

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