Dr. Leynomi Aridana is the Astrophysics Lead for the Andromeda Initiative. She is stationed alongside her team initially in Operations and then later in the Nexus Tech Labs.

Upon meeting the Pathfinder she offer her thanks, for the data gathered on the Scourge which will enable her team to better repair the damage it caused to the Nexus.

When approached she asks the Pathfinder to locate a missing team of scientists she sent to take readings on a section of the Scourge that was behaving anomalously.

In order to solve some complicated math equations concerning strange transmissions patterns in the Scourge, she asks that the Pathfinder pass them directly to SAM node through an optical storage unit. However its revealed that her equations contained a Trojan horse program, designed to sever the Pathfinder's connection indefinitely. When Ryder approached Dr. Aridana on this act of foul play, she denies any involvement in inserting the virus. She insists she is innocent abhorring violence against all life– organic and synthetic. She believes that someone may have altered her files and her colleagues confirm that there has been increased sentiment of 'anti-AI' on the Nexus. Dr. Aridana states that synthetics have different needs than organics, making them mysterious and powerful. At the same time many look at what is different as dangerous.

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