Dr. Ryota Nakamoto is a physician formerly of the Andromeda Initiative. He runs a free clinic in the Kadara Slums.

Background Edit

Dr. Nakamoto joined the Initiative out of a desire to save lives. He did not actually participate in the Nexus Uprising, he simply followed his patients into exile figuring they could use someone like him.

On Kadara Dr. Nakamoto discovered a strain of bacteria with properties similar to penicillin. Upon learning of its addictive side effects, however, Sloane Kelly turned his research into producing the drug Oblivion.

Already disillusioned with the Outcasts' violent and ruthless antics, in response Dr. Nakamoto quit his relatively secure position and moved his practice into the slums. To support his clinic he has been getting anonymous donations he suspects came from the Charlatan. He viewed this benefactor with equal contempt as Sloane, thinking they ultimately cared more about profits than the people. The majority of his patients either suffered from gunshot wounds or water poisoning.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Pathfinder Ryder can first encounter Dr. Nakamoto treating a trio of patients out of a shipping container. He requests for help in stealing back the drug formula for Oblivion from his old lab out on Haarfel.

If Ryder returns the formula to Dr. Nakamoto, he will be very pleased and moves his clinic and patients to the Ditaeon outpost as soon as it is established.

If Ryder decides to let Arenna Farenth keep the drug formula, Dr. Nakamoto becomes bitter with Ryder and doesn't leave the Kadara Slums. As a consequence of not returning the formula to Dr. Nakamoto, the Ditaeon outpost will be unable to be constructed.

Terminal Entries Edit

Dr. Ryota has a terminal that Ryder can interact with. The terminal can be found in the shipping crate above his clinic.

Personal Log 1: Ryota Nakamoto
New entry: The clinic is finally up and running. Well, "clinic" is a strong word. It's a shipping container that I scrubbed until my hands were raw. But it's the best I could do.

I've no credits, very little supplies, and zero friends, but the people down here need me. Everywhere I look there's disease or someone injured. I knew life outside the Port was bad, but this is worse than I expected.

It's the perfect place for me to atone.


Personal Log 2: Ryota Nakamoto
New entry: There's an oblivion den just around the corner. Against my better judgement, I tried to appeal to the guards to lower their dosage. All I received for my efforts was a punch in the stomach.

I hope they don't harass the clinic. I'm barely keeping it afloat as it is.


Personal Log 2: Ryota Nakamoto
New entry: This morning I discovered someone mysteriously wired credits to my omni-tool. I think it's the same anonymous donor who keeps leaving supplies in the clinic.

I asked Kian, the bartender at Tartarus, who my benefactor might be. He thinks it's the Charlatan. Apparently, it's common for the Collective to give gifts to potential recruits. I've no interest in joining them—I didn't quit Sloane's gang to join another—but I'm in no position to refuse supplies. As long as they keep coming, I'll keep using them.


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