Dru Senecus is a turian colonist for the Andromeda Initiative. He is a former member of the Mining Company 07 that mined Element Zero on Mars. He worked a drill until he injured his hand that never healed right.

After the arrival in Andromeda, Dru Senecus works the stock rooms on the Nexus where he meets Vetra Nyx. During the chaos of the Nexus uprising, Dru barricaded himself in the stock room to avoid being hurt.

If Pathfinder Ryder manages to settle Kadara, Dru Senecus becomes the requisition officer of the Andromeda Initiative's Outpost Ditaeon on the planet Kadara alongside former colleagues from Be the Mining Company 07. He is also the jack-of-all-trades for the Outpost.

For his job, he is in regular contact with Kadara's Exiles for trading. If Ryder teams up with Sloane Kelly, Dru complains that the Outcasts treat each shipment as if the Charlatan is in it. If Ryder joins the Charlatan instead, Dru praises the Collective as they can probably get everything, even more than Vetra Nyx.

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