Dutch Smith is a grouchy bartender that co-manages The Vortex bar with Anan T'Mari. He has trouble picking up sarcasm and he doesn't like people much, but he's good at his job whether it's mixing cocktails or chemicals.

Dutch is supposed to be a chemist, and he's unhappy his lab turned into a hangout, unappreciative of the free stuff and offers of free help he's been getting. Nevertheless, he stayed to pour drinks for the patrons, reasoning chemists need guinea pigs.

Every time Pathfinder Ryder speaks to him, Dutch grows accustomed to their presence, to the point he considers them a regular and bothers to ask for their name. He has several weirdly-named drinks for the Pathfinder after each chat: Dirty Squirrel, Tall Moose, Rotten Scoundrel, and Lucky Leprechaun. He apparently forgot the ingredients for that last one: if Ryder drinks it, they pass out and wake up shortly at the nearby stage. If Ryder declines, Dutch grumbles they don't know what they're missing, and the opportunity to take it never comes up again.

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