Eclipse Commandos are the elite soldiers of the mercenary organization, Eclipse. They are asari commandos who are carrying out mercenary work. Their training, skill experience and biotic abilities make them some of the finest individual warriors in the galaxy and among the toughest organic enemies faced in the game. They also improve the combat abilities of those around them in a similar fashion to Geth Primes and can actually be heard directing those under their command. It's also notable that leaders such as Enyala and Wasea are asari commandos.

Capabilities Edit


Commandos are equipped with the M-300 Claymore heavy shotgun. This means that there is a noticeable delay between shots (when the Commando must eject the heat sink after every shot). However, this also means that the Commando is even more dangerous up close and will more than likely rush you while you deal with back-up. They will also regularly use Warp.


Eclipse Commandos are equipped with barriers, armour, and health; all of which are of a high level. Commandos on any difficulty can be a challenge. Their main strength is their durability, as they have three strong protection levels and can recharge their barriers making them even more deadly.

Tactics Edit

  • If an Eclipse Commando is encountered, it is advisable for the entire squad to target them. They can easily cause significant damage to an individual squad member, and can be very hard to respond to if they use their biotic abilities regularly. Warp, Warp Ammo, and Armor Piercing Ammo are good, and Incinerate is best against their armor and making them panic, buying you valuable time. Once their protection fails, it is best to hit them with Pull or Throw and finish them off before they have a chance to recover their barriers. Another tactic is to isolate the Commando by eliminating its back-up, then timing your shots and powers during their reloading, though this is only advisable when there is no danger of being flanked or overwhelmed.
  • Above all else, do everything in your power to keep a Commando away from you. Once in close, they can hit you with their shotgun, occupying you so that their squad can maneuver into cover. Reave is excellent against a Commando since it not only does significant damage to their barrier and armor, it can stun unprotected Commandos, allowing you to quickly dispatch them with limited reprisal.
  • Commandos often cry out right before using Warp. If a Commando is not in your immediate line of sight and you hear a call - "Weakening their integrity," "Deploying Warp field," or "Mind over matter" - this means you have less than two seconds before she will release her attack.
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