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Eclipse Engineers are the tech specialists for the mercenary organization Eclipse. They are exclusively human and salarian. They possess shielding on any difficulty, and will gain stronger shielding on Hardcore and Insanity. They are capable of using the tech abilities, such as Incinerate and Combat Drone, to strip away defenses and creating extra threats for Shepard's squad to deal with. They are encountered in virtually every engagement with Eclipse throughout the game.



Engineers have the Incinerate and Combat Drone abilities and are very dangerous on harder difficulties, due to their negligible cooldown, often decimating squads if a player has been forced out of cover. They also tend to use their Combat Drones less often on easier modes. On Hardcore, and particularly Insanity, these adversaries will try to keep a drone up as much as possible.

Engineers are armed with the M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon giving them a considerable punch in combat. Engineers generally prefer to let Troopers and Vanguards move in.


Engineers prefer to stay as far away from Shepard (or whichever squad member has their attention) as possible, and only break cover to fire their tech powers. Engineers are able to activate their Tech Armor to instantly and fully regenerate their shields just like a Sentinel can; they typically will do this once their shields are heavily damaged or downed at which point they will try to seek cover before restoring shields.


  • Engineers are generally a quick kill if squad powers are focused properly. Overload and Disruptor Ammo will quickly dispatch their shields and their low health leaves little room for recovery. Sniper Rifles and Heavy Weapons are very effective at taking out Engineers from a distance on any difficulty.
  • The Flashbang Grenade loyalty power is very useful in rendering an Engineer useless for a few moments, even more so if they are unprotected when the grenade goes off.
  • Sniper rifles will allow the player to safely dispatch an Engineer, since most of their powers are effective at medium range, giving you time to see them coming.

Class Specific

If playing as a Vanguard, the player may be able to quickly overwhelm an Engineer with Biotic Charge, but as always with this skill, it's a big risk. In the end, Engineers will be defeated by focused fire and proper use of abilities.