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Eclipse Heavies are the heavy weapon fire support for the mercenary organization Eclipse. They are exclusively female. Their role is to cause large amounts of damage to an opposing squad, and they typically stay as far away as possible, letting their allies pin the enemy down while they stay behind cover and unleash their missiles.



They are equipped with the ML-77 Missile Launcher, which can cause moderate amounts of damage. Their missiles are powerful enough to kill with two or three hits in quick succession. They can rain down a constant barrage of rockets on a squad on harder difficulty levels, quickly killing exposed targets. On lower difficulties, the heavy's missiles do not retain homing capabilities. Heavies are usually deployed as a complement to a normal squad or as a group.


They possess no defenses on Normal difficulty or below, however, they gain shields on higher difficulties such as Hardcore and Insanity.


General Tactics

  • An Eclipse Heavy should be considered a priority target as they can easily pin down Shepard and the squad. If deployed as a squad they are actually much easier to deal with. It is important to time shots out of cover during the Heavy's break in fire. Sniping for classes with sniper rifle training is an extremely useful tactic; a squad is usually safer in cover than having to risk being hit by a homing missile that can stagger and leave them vulnerable to crossfire.
  • A very useful tactic (especially on harder difficulty settings) is to use Dominate on these enemies. They will cause great damage and even kill multiple other enemies. Oftentimes, they will kill themselves and another enemy if they fire a missile at an enemy standing close to them.
  • Alternatively, you could also use Dominate on the enemies nearest the Heavy. They will often shoot them point blank, causing massive splash damage to themselves, their target and anyone else unlucky enough to be around.

Class Specific

  • For Engineers, deploying a Combat Drone of any type can make short work of Heavies. Drones will instantly attract the attention of the enemy they are targeted at, and at this close range, the explosion from the Explosive Drone evolution will do splash damage onto the as well.