Eclipse Operatives are the elite salarian tech specialists of the Eclipse.

Capabilities Edit


Eclipse Operatives possess all the abilities of Eclipse Engineers, but are much more durable. They are equipped with a M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun allowing them to destroy shields and barriers with ease. They also utilize Combat Drones and Incinerate, which provide considerable fire support, as well as helping to remove enemies from cover.


They possess shields, armour, and good health on Normal difficulty, and on harder difficulties the strength of these defenses is increased. They can use Tech Armor, resulting in very powerful shields. They can also recharge their shields if left alone for long enough. If you try to approach them directly, they will often unleash a volley of Incinerate and SMG rounds.

Tactics Edit

  • If an Operative is encountered, they need to be killed rapidly. The sheer amount of fire that they can lay down is comparable to boss encounters, and can easily force a player out of cover. When supplemented by Eclipse Vanguards, their ability to push you out of cover can leave you open to dangerous shotgun volleys.
  • On higher difficulties, they will quickly replace any destroyed Combat Drones, which can also leave you open to devastating attacks. Focus on eliminating Combat Drones before attacking their operators. The easiest way to do this is to use tech powers like Overload. Killing the Operative will instantly destroy the Drone as well.
  • Although devastating on higher difficulties, Incinerate can be easily avoided by staying in cover. Never approach a shielded Operative directly - remove their armor from a distance while flanking through cover.
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