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The Eclipse Security Guards are Eclipse mercenaries that make an appearance in Kasumi: Stealing Memory, where they serve as bodyguards for Donovan Hock.

When attempting to crack Hock's vault with Kasumi, Shepard had to acquire the password to the vault and a sample of Hock's DNA. Getting the password involved infiltrating the communication room, shooting it out with two guards that were stationed there. In order to get the DNA sample, the Commander had to gain entry to Hock's private rooms. If the Commander elected to sneak in through the back of the apartment, Shepard encountered three guards investigating the window that Shepard broke in order to gain entry. Aiming to not get caught, the Commander took out the security guards and continued the mission.



The Eclipse Security Guards are only equipped with M-3 Predator pistols.


The Security Guards have low health, and low shields on higher difficulties.


Eclipse Security Guards have no armor and wield pistols, so they are easy targets.


  • The Eclipse Security Guards, as well as the Eclipse Troopers hired to guard Hock's home, are the only Eclipse mercenaries with the unique black and white armor scheme.