Eclipse Troopers are the front-line soldiers fielded by the Eclipse mercenary group. They are exclusively humans and salarians with asari being Sisterhood Initiates instead of troopers. They are the most common Eclipse soldier.

Capabilities Edit


The human Eclipse Troopers are equipped with M-8 Avenger assault rifles, making them effective at penetrating armor and taking down shields and barriers. This also allows them to put down a constant barrage of fire, as the Avenger's heat sink capacity means that their reload times can be some distance apart. They rarely enter close quarters combat, preferring to take cover at medium range.

Salarian Troopers are armed with M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistols, making them very effective at stripping a squad’s shields and barriers away. Salarian Troopers also have a tendency to move around and strafe more, making them more exposed but also more difficult to hit in intense firefights. They will rarely attempt to enter close quarters, because of their lack of durability and firepower.

Also, Eclipse Troopers hired by Donovan Hock on Bekenstein are able to use some kind of a Flashbang Grenade which damages, knocks back and temporarily blinds Shepard.


They gain light shielding on Hardcore and Insanity, making them more durable opponents.

Tactics Edit

  • Eclipse Troopers are fairly harmless, especially if they are kept and picked off at a distance.
  • They usually possess a numerical advantage over the squad, which can make close quarters combat unavoidable. Even so, Troopers are quite easy to deal with -- especially on lower difficulties where they lack shielding.
  • Their main threat is that they can keep a squad pinned down long enough to allow more dangerous troops such as Eclipse Vanguards to approach and flank.
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