Eclipse Vanguards are the biotic and close quarters specialists for the mercenary organization Eclipse. They are exclusively human and asari with the latter being the most predominant due to the asari's naturally increased biotic potential and power. They utilize biotic Barriers and Tech Armor for protection, shotguns for offensive power and also biotic powers such as Warp. The Vanguard's role is to close in and eliminate opponents with sheer force and power.

Capabilities Edit


Their combat behaviour is to engage the enemy at point-blank range, but unlike the larger geth units or the Krogan Berserker, Eclipse Vanguards utilise cover during their advance.

For offensive power, Vanguards are armed with the M-27 Scimitar, which is limited in range, but has a bonus to damage versus shields and barriers.

Their Warp ability also complements their armament. Human Eclipse Vanguards use M-15 Vindicators and attack from range.


Eclipse Vanguards possess the rarer biotic barrier protection. As such they are resistant to powers and ammo that are effective on shields such as Overload and Disruptor Ammo.

Tactics Edit

General Tactics

  • On harder difficulties, Vanguards are a nightmare to face in close combat, and the recommended tactic is to keep the Eclipse Vanguard at a distance. Ideally, they should be taken out at long range as they try to close in on you.
  • Powers such as Warp, Concussive Shot and Reave are effective against barriers, as are assault rifles and Submachine Guns with their innate damage bonuses.
  • As one of the most dangerous class of Eclipse mercenaries in a given group, it is advisable to concentrate firepower on any advancing Eclipse Vanguards.
  • Asari vanguards will call out before using Warp: "Weakening their integrity!" "Deploying Warp field!" or "Mind over matter!"

Class Specific

  • For Vanguards, close-range may be the preferred distance as their damage-dealing abilities at short ranges are also quite substantial.
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