Priority Eden Prime
The colonists of Eden Prime are fighting the Cerberus occupation. Help the resistance movement by getting them Cerberus intel.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Priority: Eden Prime

This mission is acquired by accessing a terminal in the right building when you land on Eden Prime as part of the Priority: Eden Prime mission. Liara mentions that if the resistance got a hold of the intel, it can do them a lot of good.

Walkthrough Edit

Heading down the hill from the drop off point, you go underneath an overhang between two buildings with girder supports on either side. There is a doorway to Building 6 on the right hand side. Go through this and head all the way to the end of the building. On the left is an L shaped desk and the first piece of intel is on that computer. The building is directly behind you when you approach the computer which raised the lift with the Prothean Artifact on it.

After raising the artifact head towards the main complex of buildings. Go into the first building (building 5) on the left hand side. Head to the end of the building and go through the doorway to the right, into the next room. On the left hand side is the terminal with the second piece of intel.

In front of you from the doorway you came in through, you can see you're on the second story. In front of you is a building with the number 2 on the side with a ladder heading up to the roof. Go through the door of that building turn right and head down the length of the building. Go past a body of a trooper on the floor and stop before you come to the closed door. The terminal you are after is on your left on the center console of three.

Intel PiecesEdit

Processing Update

Eden prime resistance intel 1
We've taken more able-bodied men and women from pacified neighborhoods. The colonists generally have accepted the story that they have gone to perform tedious but safe manual labor in a Cerberus research camp on the other side of the planet, and when we increased food rations as "payment for the work," most of the complaints died out.

Maintain the story as long as possible. We don't have the manpower to fight the entire colony, and if these families knew they were never going to see their sons and daughters again, there's no way they'd cooperate.

Troop Deployment Update

Eden prime resistance intel 2
Local resistance is heavy in the south and west sections of the colony. We've pulled most of our troops from the north neighborhoods to assist. All remaining troops in the north neighborhood: continue standard patrol activities to maintain the illusion of a large presence in that area. If the locals knew we were understaffed, they could do some serious damage.


Resistance Information Update

Eden prime resistance intel 3
We've gotten word from our source within Eden Prime's resistance movement that we can expect an attack on our security center between 2200 and 2300 tomorrow night. They're pulling in forces from across the colony--this gives us the perfect chance to destroy their leadership.

Once the attack is contained, allow Dr. William Cambiata to escape, firing near-miss shots to keep it realistic. He's given us good information, and with luck, the locals will see him as a daring hero and the only man to escape the Cerberus trap. They might even put him in charge!

Aftermath Edit

If you manage to get all three pieces of intel, you will get an email saying that the resistance pushed Cerberus off Eden Prime. If you do not, then the mission remains uncompleted in Shepard's journal and additional updates to Eden Prime Support War Asset unattainable as you can never return to Eden Prime once you open the Prothean Artifact.

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