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Location: Milky WayOmega NebulaAmada System Third planet

Prerequisite: Normandy Crash Site (Mass Effect 2)


Eingana is a hot, beautiful, and deadly world, covered with the debris of ancient starships. Approximately 127,000 years ago, a series of battles were fought over it by two organic species, the thoi'han and the inusannon. Although no records of the conflict remain, most historians agree that both races wanted to colonize Eingana, and neither were willing to share. The two lost hundreds of ships in a series of battles over Eingana and its moon, Barraiya; many of these were eventually pulled in by the planet's gravity well.

The mass effect drive cores of these ships broke apart, dumping refined element zero over large stretches of landscape. This poisoned the environment and a wave of extinctions followed. Many of the animal species that remained showed a tendency to develop biotic powers. As the ecology of Eingana is energetic and aggressive, this makes colonization a deadly peril.

Mineral Deposits

Initial Scanner Result: Good

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 7,900
Platinum High 15,300
Iridium Medium 5,200
Element Zero Medium 5,400


  • The moon Barraiya may be named after the the god in Australian Aboriginal mythology.
  • The planet Eingana may be named after the creator goddess of Australian Aboriginal mythology. This goddess is the mother to animals, humans, and water.